Institute of Advanced Computing and Digital Engineering


Institute of Advanced Computing and Digital Engineering (IACDE) is dedicated to the advancement of basic theory, computational technology, software engineering, and the applications of digital engineering in social information services.  IACDE strives to become a leader in basic and applied research, an interdisciplinary educational base for nurturing innovators with versatile skills, and a laboratory that generates advanced technologies with commercialization potentials. 


IACDE consists of ten research centers and laboratories. Research scientists at IACDE are organized into three levels consisting of academicians, leading professors in various groups’ research, and creative professors. And each scientific research group has a number of research scientists and research staff. 


IACDE is equipped with a most advanced computing facility, including thousands of processor cores and petabytes of data storage. It also has access to the facility of National Supercomputer Center in Shenzhen. 


The supercomputers provide high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing and big data resources and service for diverse computation/data/access-intensive applications. Example applications include urban big data, e-health, intelligent transportation, public safety, e-commerce, finance, CAE computing, climate simulation and weather forecasting. 


Through SIAT, IACDE has established close academic relationships with dozens of internationally well-known universities and institutes. It serves as a window for China to pursue external cooperation and academic exchange in the fields of computing and information technologies. 


IACDE aims to become a world-class research institute in advanced computing and digital engineering, and in basic research and applied technologies. In addition, IACDE develops its research agenda based on societal needs and advance the information industry through basic research, strategic development, and technology innovation. 

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