Guangzhou Institute of Advanced Technology


Guangzhou Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science (GIAT), was jointly established by Chinese Academy of Science and Guangzhou municipal government in May 2011. As one of the pilot units of Guangzhou municipal government that employ innovative development model, GIAT is an independent legal entity but administratively belongs to the Guangzhou municipal government. It is also a branch of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) in Guangzhou. Fully supported by SIAT’s powerful scientific research ability, guided by the market, leveraging the advantages of locational policies, human resources and market, GIAT has extensive cooperation with the local community, engaging itself in precision machining, modern service industry, new energy, new materials, electronic information and other areas of project and product development, production and marketing.  


With the regional advantages of Nansha New area that fosters Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau cooperation development and focuses on four research areas, which include mechanical engineering, material engineering, biological engineering and electronic engineering, GIAT now has five research centers: precision engineering research center, Water science research center, electronic and computer technology research center,Bioengineering Research center and Intelligent Robot and Equipment Center. We set a goal for supporting Guangzhou, Guangdong Pearl River delta and the emerging industry development in Guangdong province. 

Research Center