Center for Intelligent Robot & Equipment Center


The Intelligent robot & Equipment Center (IREC) devotes its effort to the research and development of basic theory in robotics, optimal design, driving and control technology, visual inspection technology, and motion control strategies, etc. Specifically, the IREC concentrates on industrial robots and intelligent equipment. According to the principles of ‘flowing, opening, competing and cooperating’, and following the research model of ‘market-driven, technology-developing, product-integrating and industrialization’, the center is proposed to establish an innovation base that scientific achievements can be engineered for high flexible and multidimensional blended serial-parallel industrial robots and intelligent equipment. Prof. Chang Soo Han at Hanyang University, a senior member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korean, is a chief scientist in IREC. The IREC owns a strong research team of scientists and engineers with majors in robotics, precision design, control, software, machine vision, prototype testing, and project managing, etc. It is a young team with outstanding research and innovation ability. 

Main Research Projects


  • HAN Zhangxiu

    Title:Chief Scientists
    Areas of Interest:Industrial Robots

  • LI Yafeng

    Areas of Interest:hydraulic cylinder

  • HOU Zhicheng

    Title:Associate Research Professor
    Areas of Interest:Nonlinear systems

  • GUO Yunpeng

    Areas of Interest:Industry robots

  • GU Xing

    Areas of Interest:Parallel robot structure

  • CAI Junyi

    Title:Assistant Engineer
    Areas of Interest:Industrial robot

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