Today, SIAT has gained international recognition for its accomplishments as a research-led comprehensive institute. 

In past decade, SIAT has attracted 2,138 people, including 432 overseas returnees, which is a significant development since only five people devoted themselves to preparation and construction ten years ago.   

It is the best research institute in China with the highest density of returnees and the best international academic exchange atmosphere. 


System is the soul of innovation. We implement the Council management, adopt enterprise operation system, and regard efficiency as the management orientation.  

We blaze out an innovative path characterized by academic guidance, industry connection, capital introduction, combination of science and education, and integration of education, industry, capital and research.   

In past decade, SIAT has collected research fund of 3.7 billion RMB and published 5,628 papers. The amount of publications came fourth in Guangdong Province and second in Shenzhen based on Nature Index data, and ordered by Weighted Fractional Count(WFC, a world-class journal), which consolidates SIAT’s academic status as a national team.  

It has joint-stock 168 enterprises, 27 of which have the market evaluation of over 100 million RMB, one of which has been evaluated for over 20 billion RMB. Three companies have been listed.  

503 companies spun-out 3 companies listed on the stock market 1 company valued at 10 billion RMB   3 companies valued at 1 billion RMB 3 companies valued at half a billion RMB  27 companies valued at more than 100 million RMB 

SIAT continues to attract the best domestic and international students.  

SIAT has raised over 3 billion RMB from social capital and has established five industrial development funds. 

Moving forward, SIAT will rely on the passion of fulfilling the dream, the practical effort, the broad mind and the idea of combining the theory and the practice to achieve the success of scientific research and industrialization in our motherland and to contribute to building a world by using scientific and technological power.  


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