Message from Director

SIAT’s president, 2006 – present

Only first-class environment can attract top-notch talents. Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) inspires to create an enabling scientific and cultural environment that is appealing to researchers. Through the establishment of advanced human resource system, competitive incentive measure, innovative culture, and technology transfer mechanism, our institute seeks to attract and cultivate first class talents for collaborative innovation. By making strategic, forward-looking and fundamental contributions to sciences and technology, SIAT is endowed with the responsibility to boost China's advanced manufacturing and service industries, and promote new industries with independent intellectual property rights. In the fields of biomedicine, biomedical engineering, integrated technology, advanced computing, new materials and new energy, SIAT has emerged as a premier institute in the world and a power horse in China, and has profound influence on the advanced manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong and Hong Kong. We play a leading role in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle, and make significant contribution to innovating China into a world manufacturing power.