2020 Chinese Student Enrolment


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2020 International Student Enrolment


In the year 2020 SIAT plan to admit international students majoring in 4 different areas at both Master’s & Doctoral level. Both the master and doctor Programs commonly last for 3 years, while students pursuing both master and doctor degrees often complete their study within 5 years.


For more details, please download the following document

- Call for 2020 Doctoral Programs & Master’s Programs for International Students (SIAT).docx

- UCAS Call for 2020 Doctoral Programs for International Students.docx 

- UCAS Call for 2020 Master Programs for International Students.docx


Online application portal:






Master and PhD Programs in SIAT


Computer Applied Technology

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



Developmental Biology

Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Physical Chemistry

Chemical Biology




Biology and Medicine

Information and Communication Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Control Science and Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Materials and Chemical Engineering

Electronic Information


Fee & Expense


1.  Application fee: RMB 600 (Non-refundable);

2.  Tuition: RMB 40,000/year (Can be waived);

3.  Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance premium: RMB 800/year (waived)

4.  Accommodation (shared rooms) fee: RMB 400/month per person (Waived)

5.  Outpatient service fee is paid according to the insurance scheme of the insurance company.

6.  Board expenses, travel expenses and other costs of experiments, meetings and trainings beyond the program curriculum are at the student’s own expense.




1.  Chinese Government Scholarship (2500-3500rmb/month)

     Online Application website:

     Application Deadline: Apr. 30, 2020

2.  ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents (2000-7000rmb/month)

     Online Application website:

     Application Deadline: Apr. 30, 2020

     More Details: The ANSO Scholarship for International Students.docx

3.  UCAS Scholarship for International Students (2000-2500rmb/month)

     (No extra application procedure)

     Application Deadline: Apr. 30, 2020

     More Details: UCAS Scholarship for International Students.docx

4.  SIAT Scholarship for International Students (3500-7000mb/month)Tuition fee waiver,

     health insurance, living allowance and on-campus accommodation included.

     (No extra application procedure)

     Application Deadline: July 31, 2020




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