About UCAS

Graduate Programs (MD/PhD) for International Students


Introduction of UCAS

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a university established with the approval of Ministry of Education of PRC, focusing on graduate education. Its predecessor was the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS), the first graduate school in China. It boasts many firsts in new China: the first doctorate in science, the first doctorate in engineering, the first female student awarded a doctoral degree, and the first research student awarded double doctoral degrees in China all graduating from this university.


Introduction of UCAS-Shenzhen

SIAT was authorized as a school campus for the graduate programs of UCAS since 2010. It has 328 tutors with international perspectives and excellent scientific research experiences and has cultivated more than 7000 graduates from 15 countries covering the fields of computer science and Technology, Control Science and Technology, Biology, Chemistry. SIAT focuses on training international and interdisciplinary talents with academic, innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities.



Master and PhD Programs in SIAT


Computer Applied Technology

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Cell Biology

Developmental Biology

Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Physical Chemistry

Chemical Biology


Computer Science and Technology

Control Science and Engineering



Biomedical Engineering

Signal and Information Processing

Materials and Chemical Engineering

Biology and Medicine


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