WANG Xinluan

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WANG Xinluan


Education and Training (in chronological order) 

2003-2008:  Ph.D. School of Chinese Materia Medica at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China  

1999-2003:  Bachelor’s D. School of Pharmacy at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China  


Professional Experience (in chronological order)  

2013.12-present: Research Associate Professor, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) group leader, Center for Translational Medical Research and Development (TMC), Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science (SIAT). 

2011.5-2013.11: Research Assistant Professor, TMC, SIAT 

2009.4-2011.3: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong; 

2008.8-2009.3: Research Assistant, Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong;  

2007.4-2008.3: Hornory Research Assistant, Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong;  



研究领域 Research Interests 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and regenerative medicine in Orthopaedics, especifically of Osteoporosis, Osteonecrosis, and Osteoarthritis 



代表性论文 Representative Publications 

[1]       Cao HJ, Guan HF, Lai YX, Qin L, Wang XL*. Review of various treatment options and potential therapies for osteonecrosis of the femoral head. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2016, 4, 57-70  

[2]       Chen SH, Wang XL(Co-first), Zheng LZ, Di Y, Zhang  JY, Guo BL, Yang ZJ, Yao XS, Qin L*. Comparative study of two types of herbal capsules with different Epimedium species for the prevention of ovariectomised-induced osteoporosis in rats Journal of Orthopaedic Translation 2015.7.7 4 14~27  

[3]       Zheng LZ, Wang XL, Cao HJ, Chen SH, Huang L, Qin L*.  Src siRNA prevents corticosteroid-associated osteoporosis in a rabbit model Bone 2016.2.01 83 190~196  

[4]       Xie XH, Wang XL(Co-first), Zhang Ge, He YX, Leng Y, Tang TT, Pan XH, Qin L*. Biofabrication of a PLGA/TCP-based porous bioactive bone substitute with sustained release of Icaritin. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 2015. 9:961-972. 

[5]       Zheng LZ, Cao HJ, Tang T, Fu WM, Chen SH, Huang L, Dick Chow HK, Wang YX, Griffith JF, He W, Zhao DW, Zhang G, Wang XL*, Qin L*. Blockage of Src by Specific siRNA as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy to Prevent Destructive Repair in Steroid-Associated Osteonecrosis in Rabbits. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 2015, 30:2044-2057. 

[6]       Cao HJ, Zheng LZ, Wang N, Wang LY, Li Y, Li D, Lai YX, Wang XL*, Qin L*. Src blockage by siRNA inhibits VEGF-induced vascular hyperpemeability and osteoclast activity - an in vitro mechanism study for preventing destructive repair of osteonecrosis. Bone, 2015,74: 58-68.  

[7]       Li Y, Chen SK, Li L, Qin L, Wang XL*, Lai YX*, Bone defect animal models for testing bone substitute materials. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2015, 3(3): 95-104. 

[8]       Wang XL, He YX, Guo BS, Tsang MC, Tu FJ, Dai Y, Yao ZH, Zheng LZ, Xie XH, Wang N, Yao XS, Zhang G, Qin L. In vivo Screening for Anti-osteoporotic Fraction from Extract of Herbal Formula Xianlinggubao in Ovariectomized Mice. PlosOne,2015, e0118184. 

[9]       Wang N, Wang XL*, Cheng WX, Cao, HJ, Zhang P, Qin L. Dual effects of puerarin on promoting osteogenesis and inhibiting adipogenesis-an in vitro efficacy and mechanistic study. Chinese Medicine, 2013, 8(1):17. 

[10]   Wang XL*, Xie XL, Zhang G, Chen SH, Yao D, He K, Wang XH, Yao XS, Leng Y, Fung KP, Leung KS, Qin L*. Exogenous Phytoestrogenic Molecule Icaritin Incorporated into a Porous Scaffold for Enhancing Bone Defect Repair. J Orthop Res., 2013, 31: 164-172.  


知识产权 Intelligent property 

[1]       Patent No. ZL 2008 8 0002423.X. A novel combination of epimedium-derived- flavonoids-fractions for prevention of steroid-induced osteonecrosis. Qin Ling, Wang Xiaochun, Zhang Ge, YaoXinsheng, Sheng Hui, WangXinluan.  

[2]       ZL201280029973.7 Preparation of a novel bone-targeting delivery system for icaritin. Wu Heng, Qin Ling, Yang Zhijun, Zhang Ge, Wang Xinluan. 

[3]       ZL201310362101.9 The application of icaritin in alzheimer's disease. Wang Xinluan, Qin Ling, Wang Nan, Zhou Hong, Cao Huijuan. 

[4]       Application No. 200910178888.7. Preparation and application of a composite scaffold. Qin Ling, Wang Xiaohong, Xie Xinhui, Wang Xinluan, Zhang Ge, Yao Xinsheng, Leung Kwok-sui, Fung Kwok-pui, Yan Yongnian, Peng Jiang, Chen KM, Zheng ZY, Leung LK. 

[5]       201510602862.6, 3 D printing equipment and material supply mixing system based on 3 D printing.Lai Yuxiao、Li Long、Qin Ling、Wang Xinluan、Zhang Peng. 

[6]       201510604994.2, 3 D printing method. Lai Yuxiao 、Li Long、Qin Ling、Wang Xinluan、Zhang Peng. 


获奖 Honor 

Research and application of anti osteoporosis traditional Chinese medicine modernization. Second Prize for scientific and technological promotion progress of Ministry of Education. 


联系方式:Email& Phone 


Phone: 0755- 86392581