LAI Yuxiao

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LAI Yuxiao


Education and Training (in chronological order) 


Sept.2005~Jun.2010            Ph.D in  Polymer Science, Fudan University,  Shanghai,  CHINA 

                                Ph.D. Thesis Advisor: Prof. Jiandong Ding 

Sept.2003~Jul.2005             M.S. in Polymer Science, Sun Yet-sen University, Guangzhou, CHINA      

Sept.1999~Jul.2003             B.S. in Material Science,Sun Yet-sen University,Guangzhou,CHINA                                                                                                       


Professional Experience (in chronological order)  


Oct.2013~present                Associate Professor Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences  

Jul.2010~ Oct. 2013            Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences  


研究领域 Research Interests 


Ø  Tissue regenerative medicine materials  

Ø  Synthesis and surface modification of biocompatible materials 

Ø  Design and synthesize biomaterials for bone regeneration. 


代表性论文 Representative Publications 

1.         Rui Ma, Yuxiao Lai, Long Li, Hong-lue Tan, Jia-li Wang, Ye Li, Ting-ting Tang*, Lin Qin*. Antibacterial potential of 3D rapid-prototyped magnesium-based porous composite scaffolds–an in vitro efficacy study. Scientific Reports, 2015,5(13775):1-14. 

2.         Yuxiao Lai, Cao Xie, Zheng Zhang, Weiyue Lu, Jiandong Ding, Design and synthesis of a potent peptide containing both specific and nonspecific cell adhesion motifs. Biomaterials, 2010, 31(18): 4809-4817 

3.         Zheng Zhang, Yuxiao Lai, Lin Yu, Jiandong Ding*, Effects of immobilizing sites of RGD peptides in amphiphilic polymers on efficacy of cell adhesion. Biomaterials, 31(31): 7873-7882 

4.         Ye Li, Shu-kui Chen, Long Li, Ling Qin, Xin-luan Wang, Yuxiao Lai *. Bone defect animal models for testing efficacy of bone substitute biomaterials. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2015,3(3):95-104. 

5.         Xin-Luan Wang, Yuxiao Lai, Helena Huei Leng Ng, Zhi-Jun Yang, Ling Qin*. Systemic Drug Delivery Systems for Bone Tissue Regeneration - A Mini Review. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 2015, 21 (12): 1575-83. 

6.         Huijuan Cao; Lizhen Zheng; Nan Wang; Linying Wang; Ye Li; Dan Li; Yuxiao Lai; Xinluan Wang, Ling Qin*. Src blockage by siRNA inhibits VEGF-induced vascular hyperpemeability and osteoclast activity - an in vitro mechanism study for preventing destructive repair of osteonecrosis. Bone, 2015, 74:58-68. 

7.         Shi-hui Chen、Li-zhen Zheng、Xin-hui Xie、Xin-luan Wang、Yu-xiao Lai、Shu-kui Chen、Ming Zhang、Yi-xiang Wang、James F. Griffith、Ling Qin*. Comparative study of poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)/tricalcium phosphate scaffolds incorporated or coated with osteogenic growth factors for enhancement of bone regeneration. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2014, 2(2):91-104  

8.         David Eglin、Mauro Alini、Joost de Bruijn、Julien Gautrot、Dirk W. Grijpma、Lukas Kamer、Yuxiao Lai、Shibi Lu、Ton Peijs、Jian Peng、Ting Ting Tang、Xianluan Wang、Xinjiang Wang、R. Geoff Richards*、Ling Qin*. The RAPIDOS project—European and Chinese collaborative research on biomaterials. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2015, 3(2):78-84   

9.         Huijuan Cao、Hanfeng Guan、Yuxiao Lai、Ling Qin、Xinluan Wang*. Review of various treatment options and potential therapies for osteonecrosis of the femoral head. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2016, 4:57-70. 

10.     Yuxiao Lai *,Ming Zhang, Shukui Chen, Xinluan Wang, Peng Zhang, Qin Ling*. A novel magnesium composed PLGA/TCP porous scaffold for bone regeneration. European Cells and Materials, 2013, 26(S3):47 

11.     Ming Zhang, Yuxiao Lai*, Shukui Chen, Nan Wang, Peng Zhang, Xinluan Wang, Ling Qin *.In vitro degradation, biocompatibility, and physical structure of composite scaffold incorporating bioactive phytomoleculeicariin for bone regeneration. European Cells and Materials, 2013, 26(S3):68 

12.     Shukui Chen, Yuxiao Lai*, Ming Zhang, Peng Zhang, Xinluan Wang, Ling Qin*.Effect of a novel bioactive porous PLGA/TCP/Icariin composite scaffold for boen defect repair in a rabbit femur segmental defect model.European Cells and Materials, 2013, 26(S3):69 

13.     Jiali Wang,Jian Tang, Peng Zhang, Yangde Li, Jue Wang, Yuxiao Lai, Ling Qin*. Surface modification of magnesium alloys developed for bioabsorbable orthopedic implants: A general review.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials. 2012, 100B(6): 1691–1701 

14.     Jian Tang*, Jiali Wang, XinhuiXie, Peng Zhang, Yuxiao Lai, Ling Qin*. Surface coating reduces degradation rate ofmagnesium alloy developed for orthopaedic applications. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2013, 1(1): 41-48. 



知识产权 Intelligent property 


1.         ZL201220402014.2  Yuxiao Lai, Ming Zhang, Shukui Chen, Ling Qin Porous Bone Scaffold 

2.         201110216591.2  Yuxiao Lai, Ling Qin. Preparation of bone regeneration materials 

3.         201010121876.3   Jiandong Ding, Yuxiao Lai. Preparation of a serial of peptides for inducing cell adhesion.  

4.         201210563103. X, Zhang Ming、Lai Yuxiao、Qin Ling、Chen Shukui、Zhang Peng、Chen Shihui, Bone scaffold molding system. 

5.         201510602862.6, Lai Yuxiao、Li Long、Qin Ling、Wang Xinluan、Zhang Peng, 3 D printing equipment and material supply mixing system based on 3 D printing. 

6.         201510604994.2, Lai Yuxiao 、Li Long、Qin Ling、Wang Xinluan、Zhang Peng,3 D printing method. 



Societies Activities 


Tissue Engineering International & Regenerative Medicine Society(TERMIS).:member 

Chinese Society for Biomaterials(CSBM): member 

Chinese Society of Biotechnology(CSBT): member 


Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 

Advances in Polymer Technology 


获奖 Honor 

2017    The 45th Geneva international invention exhibition silver medal 


联系方式:Email& Phone 


Phone: 0755- 86392581