Center for Thin Film Solar Cell Engineering


The center for thin film solar cell engineering (CTSE) is dedicated to developing advanced technologies for commercializing thin film solar cells. It aims to establish patented processing for low cost and high efficiency photovoltaic devices. CTSE commits to make breakthroughs in fabricating thin film solar cells production line in China. The current research topics include (1) highly efficient CuInGaSe2 solar cells using vacuum deposition, (2) solar cells on flexible substrates, (3) pilot-line production of 40cmX60cm solar panels. A pilot line with module size of 40 cm X 60 cm has been setup and has achieved solar panels with competent performance.

Main Research Projects

Thin film solar cell technology and instruments
Evaporation technology for large area coating application


  • LIU Zhuang

    Areas of Interest:Thin film solar cell technology

  • YANG Shiyang

    Areas of Interest:Vacuum technology

  • ZHANG Xieqiu

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Film Solar Cell

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