LI Huiyun

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Huiyun Li obtained her PhD degree from Cambridge University, UK in 2006. She has been working with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technologies, China since 2006 and is the executive director of the Automotive Electronics Research Center. Her research interests include intelligent vehicles perception and decision, V2V security and application. She has published 2 book and over 50 papers on international journals and conferences. She is the principle investigator (PI) of projects supported by China National High-tech 863 plan and National Science Foundation of China etc.


Research Interests

Intelligent vehicles perception and decision

V2V security and application

Computation acceleration of machine learning


Selected Publications

Cuiping Shao, Huiyun Li*, Jianbin Zhou, “Fast and Automatic Security Test on Cryptographic ICs against Fault Injection Attacks based on Design for Security Test”, IET Information Security, accepted, 2017. (SCI, IF=1.013)

Huiyun Li*, Guanghua Du, Cuiping Shao, Liang Dai, Guoqing Xu, Jinlong Guo, “Heavy-ion Microbeam Fault Injection into SRAM-based FPGA Implementations of Cryptographic Circuits”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol. 62, no.3, pp. 1341 - 1348, 2015 (SCI, IF=1.455)

Guanghua Du, Jinlong Guo, Ruqun Wu, Na Guo, Wenjing Liu, Fei Ye, Lina Sheng, Huiyun Li, “The first interdisciplinary experiments at the IMP high energy microbeam facility”, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, NIMB Proceedings, vol. 348, pp. 18–221, April 2015.  (SCI, IF=1.186)

Xiaolong Zhang; Huiyun Li*; Li Jiang; Qiang Xu, "A Low-Cost TSV Test and Diagnosis Scheme Based on Binary Search Method,"  IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, vol.23, no.11, pp.2639-2647, Nov. 2015 (SCI, IF=1.142)

Huiyun Li*, Xiaobo Hu, Cuiping Shao, Jianbin Zhou, Guoqing Xu, “SEU Reliability Evaluation of 3D ICs”, Electronics Letters, Vol. 51, no. 4, pp. 362-364, 2015 (SCI, IF= 1.068)

C. Shao, H. Li*, G. Xu, L. Xiong, “A Design for Security Test (DFST) against Fault Injection Attacks”, Electronics Letters, Vol. 50, no. 23, pp. 1677–1678, 2014 (SCI, IF= 1.068)


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