Center for Automotive Electronics


The research at the Automotive Electronics Research Center is mainly focused on the energy power system and intelligent vehicle cutting-edge technologies with the direction of advanced integration technology and basis of vehicle engineering and information processing. Currently, there are 37 people working at the research center, including 15 staff, 22 students,where 1/3 have been studied or worked abroad. To be specific, 3 staff members are holding the senior positions and 4 staff members are holding the associate senior positions.


In 2016, 28 papers have been published, where 5 papers are published on top-level journals and international conferences, 9 papers are indexed by SCI (3 papers are in rank JCR-1). Moreover, 15 patents have been filed and 16 patents have been granted. We focus on key technologies about intelligent vehicles, including communication security, Lidar, Computer Vision, Active safety.

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Main Research Projects


  • LI Huiyun

    Title:Researcher Professor
    Areas of Interest:Intelligent vehicles

  • ZHOU Yimin

    Title:Associate Research Professor
    Areas of Interest:Control Theory

  • ZHENG Chunhua

    Title:Associate Research Professor
    Areas of Interest:Energy management

  • SUN Tianfu

    Title:Associate Research Professor
    Areas of Interest:Electric vehicle


    Title:Senior Engineer
    Areas of Interest:Internet of Things(IoT)

  • LI Chengyu

    Title:Senior Engineer
    Areas of Interest:Drive system

  • WANG Zheng

    Title:Assistant Research Professor
    Areas of Interest:

  • SHAO Cuiping

    Areas of Interest:integrated circuits