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Ye Li 

Education:Phd in Arizona State University 


Research Field: Wearable devices and health IoT (Internet of Things) system,health informatics 


Representative Publications: 

Weilin. Zang and Ye. Li*, Gait Cycle Driven Transmission Power Control Scheme for Wireless Body Area Network, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics2017 

Fen Miao;Nan Fu; Yuan-Ting Zhang; Xiao-Rong Ding; Xi Hong; Qingyun He; Ye Li*,A Novel Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Approach Based on Data Mining Techniques, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics2017 

lin Zang,Shengli Zhang, Ye Li*. An Accelerometer-Assisted Transmission Power Control Solution for Energy-Efficient Communications in WBAN, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 2016. 

Miao, Y Cheng, Y He, Q He, Y Li*.A Wearable Context-Aware ECG Monitoring System Integrated with Built-in Kinematic Sensors of the Smartphone. Sensors. 2015 (5), 11465-11484. 

C Yi, Y Li*, L Wang, Energy Efficient Transmission Approach for WBAN Based on Threshold Distance. IEEE Sensors Journal, 15(9),2015, pp.5133 – 5141. 

Miao, Y He, J Liu, Y Li*, I Ayoola. Identifying typical physical activity on smartphone with varying positions and orientations. BioMedical Engineering OnLine.2014 (1), 32 

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F. Miao, S.D. Bao, Y. Li. A Novel Biometric Key Distribution Solution with Energy Distribution Information of Physiological Signals for Body Sensor Networks Security. IET Information Security,2013, P1-10. 

10、H.H Dai, S.D. Jiang, Y. Li. Atrial Activity Extraction Form Single LeadECG Recordings: Evaluation of Two Novel Methods''. ELSEVIER Computers in biology and medicine.2013, 43(3):176-183 


Honor: Science and Technology Innovation Talents of Guangdong province