Laboratory of Inflammation and Vaccines


The aim of the Laboratory of Inflammation and Vaccines (LIV) is to develop novel immunotherapeutic drugs and vaccines against inflammatory and infectious diseases.   

This is done by addressing 4 research topics:

1) the immunological mechanisms of inflammatory and infectious diseases, with particular focus on the pathological derangements of innate immunity and inflammation.

2) Vaccine development, by exploiting our knowledge about controlling inflammation for harnessing its powerful capacity to amplify specific protective immunity and immunological memory. Monoclonal antibodies will be used as “passive” vaccines and immunotherapeutic tools.

3) Adjuvants and intelligent nanocarriers, both for vaccines and inflammatory diseases.

4) Immuno-safety assessment, for diagnostic/predictive evaluation of human immune reactivity.   

Use of human primary cells in advanced in vitro models, high-content screening, high-throughput technologies, omics and data curation and analysis will form the methodological basis of research. A strong translational effort will be made for transferring the research outputs into new preventive and therapeutic strategies.   


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Main Research Areas

1) Immune mechanisms in inflammatory and infectious diseases 

2) Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies 

3) Adjuvants and intelligent nanocarriers 

4) Diagnostic and predictive immuno-safety assessment 


  • Diana Boraschi

    Areas of Interest:Inflammation, Innate Immunity, Immune

  • Yang Li

    Areas of Interest:Nano immunobiology, Immunity

  • Aldo Tagliabue

    Areas of Interest:Immunology

  • Guofang Zhang

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Nano biology

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