Center for Heterogeneous Intelligent Computer Architecture and Systems


Center of Heterogeneous Intelligent Computer Architecture and Systems (HICAS) conducts research on the performance, energy consumption, reliability, and security issues of heterogeneous architectures (CPU, GPU, and FGPA) and system software (server operating systems,cloud management systems.big data analytic ftrameworks). HICAS aims to provide high performance, low energy consumption,and strong reliability and security support for artificial intelligent applications, big data applications,cloud services,applications of internet of things, and edge computing applications. 

HICAS consists of two professors, an associate professor, two assistant professors and twenty five students. Prof. YU Zhibin is the director. HICAS has won 10 national key research projects such as software defined cloud computing, Haiyun big data systems, agile customizable Intelligent vision processors and system applications. HICAS has published papers on top-tier conferences such as ISCA, MICRO, ASPLOS, HPCA, ICS, SoCC, PACT, and HiPEAC, and top-tier journals such as IEEE TC, IEEE TPDS, IEEE TCAD, and ACM TACO. HICAS also applied for more than 60 national invention patents. 

Main Research Projects

Research on Heterogeneous architecture 

Aiming at the problems of low performance and high energy consumption of a large number of emerging artificial intelligence applications and big data analysis applications. The team study the heterogeneous processors customized according to the application characteristics, such as CPU, GPU and FPGA, and the high-performance and low-energy heterogeneous processing platform constituted by these processors. 

Heterogeneous reconfigurable artificial intelligence processor chip design

Research on the design method, architecture, EDA tools, and circuit optimization of reconfigurable processors for the next generation of artificial intelligence technology, and verify the prototype with FPGA and custom ASIC chip implementation. The project team has completed the design and streaming of the three-board intelligent processor, presided over a major special project of "agile customizable intelligent visual processor and system application" in Guangdong Province, and carried out intelligent algorithms for hybrid artificial neural networks, reinforcement learning, and Gaussian processes. Custom architecture design work.  


  • YU Zhibin

    Areas of Interest:Cloud Computing,Architecture supported Cloud Computing, Big data, and Fog Computing.

  • YANG Yongkui

    Title:Assistant Professor
    Email:Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest:In-store computing, artificial intelligence chip design and digital and digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit design

  • CHEN Chao

    Title:Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest:Cloud computing, edge computing, big data and performance optimization

  • WANG Zheng

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Digital integrated circuit design, computer architecture, and electronic design automation

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