Center for Geospatial Information


1.Satellite image processing and data mining by considering the difference in spatial and temporal resolution of remote sensed imagery. Algorithm design for multi- scale information fusion. 

2.Ecological processing observation and modeling based on remote sensing technology and high performance computing.   

3.Spatial-temporal analysis and modeling in city ecological system, south-west of China.  Ocean ecological assessment based on remote sensing dynamic observation and change detection. 

4.Application for combining local ecological observation with remote sensing technology to provide information for sustained environment development  and decision making.   

Main Research Projects

The Geospatial Information Center(GIC) has opened a new cross-collaborating  framework between East to West research centers in  China Academy of Sciences. The mission of GIC is to provide a new observing technology to LULC, environmental monitoring based on geospatial analysis and high performance computing. The research area of GIC contains: remote sensing , land use and land cover change, ecological environment assessment , geoprocessing with simulation, big Geodata mining and GIS. The research team has undertaken a number of national, local, and enterprise R & D projects. A number of research results published in the international top journals and conferences. 


  • CHEN Jinsong

    Title:Executive Director
    Areas of Interest:Spatial-information

  • LI Hongzhong

    Title:Associate Researcher
    Areas of Interest:Geoscience

  • JIANG Jincheng

    Title:Associate Researcher
    Areas of Interest:Big data, disaster emergency, human mobility, smart city, intelligent transportation

  • LI Weitao

    Title:Associate Researcher
    Areas of Interest:Cartography and Geographic Information Science

  • WANG Jiujuan

    Title:Associate Researcher
    Areas of Interest:

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