Zhongke Texas Medical Center Incubator establish in USA

Date:09-07-2018   |   【Print】 【close

At May 22, Zhuhai Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (Zhuhai Institute) cooperated with Texas Medical Center, the large scale medical center in the worldwide, established Zhongke Texas Medical Center Incubator (The Incubator). In order to reinforce the connection of China and America’s innovation source and high-tech industry resources, provide services for incubated enterprises, realize industrialization for self-dependent innovation.


The Incubator focusing on genetic engineering, cell engineering, biological medicine, biological information, biochip technology, medical instruments and so on, it is driven by local industrial demand, take the advantage of the technologies of Zhuhai Institute, use the incubator as a carrier, integrate America innovation industry resources, attract projects from domestic and abroad, cultivate superior projects with high-end and impetus character. Gradually form a collection of specific technologies, projects, talents and service resources, promote the industry transformation and upgrading of Zhuhai.


At same time, the Big Animal Experimental Center for Medical Research was cofounded by Zhuhai Medical Technology Zhongke Company (Zhuhai Zhongke) which was incubated by Zhuhai Institute and Texas Medical Center. This Experimental Center offer big animal experiments worldwide services.