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    Our goal is to enhance indigenous innovation capabilites of manufacturing and modern service industries in the area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and all over China, promote the establishment of a new industry with proprietary intellectual properties in China and be a worldclass industrial research institute.

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Research Centre for Biomedical Information Technology

The research center for biomedical information technology (BIT) focus on the basic research and key technology development in the following areas: health IoT (Internet of Things) system, high-dimension and low-sample-size health data characterization, heterogeneous health data fusion, and the key algorithms and technologies of big data mining, etc. The team aims to resolve a number of challenging IT problems in the remote health monitoring, pre-hospital care, in-hospital diagnosis and therapies, and post-hospital prognosis, etc. Huge amount of health data will be produced in these processes, and efficient parallel processing algorithms will be researched for this purpose. We believe that all these key technologies will significantly facilitate the informationization of health industry and decrease the overall spending of health care in China.



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