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SIAT Construct Joint Research Center with South Korea, Seoul National University

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For promoting big data technology application in intelligent drive, unmanned vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle and other emerging fields, shorten the research cycle, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of CAS (hereafter SIAT ) construct  Joint Research Center with South Korea, Seoul National University, Big Data Research Institute. The official unveiling ceremony was hold at SIAT on April 6th referred to as

Joint Research Center will cohere with bilateral advantages, based on automatic drive, aim to meet the need of intelligent drive, unmanned vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle, highlight high-performance mass data processing, super-speed iteration research and some other matters.  

SIAT has carried out some projects research on intelligent drive core algorithm accelerated computing with South Korea, Seoul National University, Big Data Research Institute. Laid a solid foundation for the future work of Joint Research Center. In near future, Joint Research Center will set intelligently unmanned as the point cut for specific application projects, accelerate the discipline construction and talent team construction. 

Joint Research Center will implement the guiding spirit of crossing institute and crossing area. Consider the strategic need of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Zone, cultivate high-level researchers, and build it as an interdisciplinary, scientific research and industrialization first class Research Center.  

Vice-president LV Jiancheng, and Researcher QIAO Yu, ZHANG Peng, DING Peng, LI Huiyun attended this ceremony, Prof. Cha SangKyun, Suk Won Cha, Frank Chongwoo Park and DongJun Lee from Seoul National University presented.  

unveiling ceremony  

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