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SIAT 2017 oversea recruiting Opened

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April 3th, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of CAS (brief as SIAT), arrived at San Francisco, opened first 2017 oversea recruiting and communication. This journey aim to strengthen high-level talent introduce and promote international academy and science communication.  

At April 4th, the delegation from SIAT visited BioDesign LabMemory and Aging Center, Quantitative Clinical NeuroImaging at the University of California, San Francisco. Discussed with Prof. Shuvo Roy, Roland Henry, Adam Gazzaley. Learned about the research progress, application in hospital and industrialization in the course of visiting. In the evening, the delegation hosted a Recruitment Fair 

At UCSF, ZHENG Hairong, the vice-president of SIAT, delivered the introduction on the Fair, covering SIAT’s development situation, discipline layout, future strategy and platform characteristic, talents demand and support policy. The fair attracted over 50 scholars and students.    

April 5th, the delegation headed to University of California San Diego, visited Nano Technology and communicated with Prof. ZHANG Liangfang about the construction for medical scientific research, industrialization for academic achievement and cultural development. Delegation visited Prof. Yu-Hwa Lo’s laboratory of Electrical and Computer Engineering institute following. And held a Recruitment Fair at UCSD, over 60 people attended.  

April 6th, delegation visited the noted SALK research institution, looked over stem cell research team, brain research team and scientific facility, discussed with Chinese scholars and Prof. Shrek Chalasani, and probed into the cutting edge progress and tech-challenge about neural control technology. Delegation introduced the CAS Foreign Professor PIFI policy to SALK’s professors, invited them visit SIAT, cooperate in relative fields.  

Besides, delegation pay a visit to Shu Chien, the celebrated ethnic Chinese scientist, CAS Foreign Member, Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, president of Institute of Biomedical Engineering of UCSD, ZHENG Hairong reported the general situation of SIAT, and invited Prof. Shu Chien visit SIAT and give the opinion for preparation of University.  

In the following days of delegation’s USA trip, they will go to Houston, The University of Colorado in Boulder, The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus and Purdue University, carry out scientific cooperate discussion and recruitment.  


UCSF Neural Engineering Lab 


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