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SIAT Sign MOU with Korea Institute, University and Transfer Transformation Organization

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On Dec.9th, Korea Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning (hereafter as MSIP), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (hereafter as KIST), Science and Technology Policy Institute (hereafter as STEPI), Commercialization Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes(hereafter as COMPA), Yonsei University (hereafter as Yonsei) and Seoul National University of Science and Technology (hereafter as SeoulTech), came to Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, with the witness of Director BAE Junghoi and personnel in concerned area, SIAT signed with Korea 5 sides (include KIST, COMPA, KISTA: Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency, Yonsei and SeoulTech). Vice president XU Jianguo, Department Head BI Yelei, Vice Department Head ZHANG Peng and Director GAO Feng received this delegation. 

Vice Department Head ZHANG Peng introduced the whole condition of SIAT, in the following meeting, Vice President XU Jianguo expressed the welcome to Korea delegation, showed the orientation, research fields, management structure and international cooperation and so on. Then Department Head BI Yelei gave a presentation about PING.AN innovation institute and ZHONG KE Maker Institute.  

MSIP Director BAE Junghoi said that SIAT has gained a prominent achievement in the combination of science and technology, Korean will promote bilateral cooperation in the future actively. KIST reckoned their research fields has many similarity with SIAT, anticipate the deep connection in next step. Moreover, both sides discussed their views and opinions about technology, researchers’ exchange, intellectual property and transfer cooperation, reach multiple cooperative purposes in many areas. After this MOU, both sides will conduct specific cooperative projects and models, Chinese side will plan a return visit at spring next year.  

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