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Institute of Brain Cognition and Brain Disorders Established

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Nov.19th, on the Science Innovation Forum and SIAT 10th Anniversary Report, the Institute of Brain Cognition and Brain Disorders (Brain Institute hereinafter), which was co-founded by SIAT and MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research, was officially established. This is the 6th Institute in SIAT, this innovative carrier will be a brilliance for Shenzhen brain science frontier science and industry.  

On the forum, President Fan and Professor Robert Desimone unveiled for Brain Institute together. Professor Robert Desimone is the emeritus professor of Brain Institute, lifetime professor of MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research. Meanwhile, Brain Institute international academic board was constructed, the members including YE Yuru, the CAS member, Foreign Associate of American academy of science, nominated as the Director; DUAN SHUming, CAS member; professor Robert Horvitz, the Nobel Prize winner; professor Liqun Luo, member of American academy of science from Stanford; ZHOU Qi, CAS member, and professor ZHAO Jizong, professor ZHANG Feng and so on.  

In the past 2 years, Brain Institute has expanded to 99 people from 45 at the primary phrase. The experimental site has increased into 3000 square meter from 1000. And the Team has gain the support from Guangdong Province and Shenzhen. Undertook 54 National projects, the total funding are over 58million yuan, and made foresight breaking on the field of neural circuits control.  

SIAT and MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research complement and alliance each other's advantages. Co-founded Brain cognitive and Brain Disorders Institute on Nov, 2014. The cooperation between SIAT and MIT is according with the actual demand and future develop trend. The orientation and research, will aim at new drugs and new methods for brain disorders. These not only match with Shenzhen science and industry demand, national innovation-driven also.  

In the future, Brain Institute will turn into the world-leading innovation platform of Non-human primate brain science and brain technology. Provide common technical support, human resources, materials and other service platform for Shenzhen Institute, clinical hospital, bio companies; cultivate first-rate talent and integrate international and national innovational materials, meet the demand for Shenzhen brain disorders, promote industry, leap development and innovation-driven.  

Professor Robert Desimone (right) and SIAT President Fan unveil for Brain Institute

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