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SIAT present on 2016 “Belt and Road” Initiative Scientific and Technological Innovation Forum

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The “Belt and Road” Initiative Scientific and Technological Innovation Forum was held at Beijing on Nov. 7th to 8th. The principals of State-run Institutes, two Nobel Prize owners, and over 30 academy of sciences academicians from 22 countries along this line attended this Forum. More than 40 countries and regions’ 350 scientists came to the Forum discussed about the way to utilize scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation, thus to construct “Belt and Road” interests community, responsible community and destiny community. The president FAN Jianping, director Wang Lei, from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science (SIAT) were invited to the Forum.  

FAN Jianping gave the speech named "Advanced Intelligent-Biotechnology (IBT) Promoting Low-cost Healthcare on The Belt and Road Initiative" on the sub-Forum "Adaptable and Green Technologies". The speech shared the experiences about apply the advanced intelligent bio-tech to promote the entire people low cost health plan which was leaded by SIAT. Introduced the general medical practitioner workstation, multifunction biochemical analyzer, telemedicine platform and other integrate technology which assist low cost health HAI Yun Project, at meanwhile, indicated that low cost health plan will popularize to the whole world through “Belt and Road” Initiative, solve the medical health problems among moderate and low-income citizens. 

2016 is the tenth year for SIAT, for past ten years, SIAT devoted to science communication and cooperation with surrounding countries, and gain the Model International Science Cooperate Base in 2012 from Ministry of Science and Technology. In recent years, under the “Belt and Road” Initiative and CAS Pioneer Initiative, SIAT, carried out lots of science cooperation with developing countries in the fields of technology development, achievement transfer and talents cultivate. Especially in low cost health field, SIAT has signed with Thailand for China-Thailand Health Medical Science Union Plan.  




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