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PhD student participated in the international research forum 2016

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The twelfth International Student Research Forum (ISRF) was organized by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from June 12th to June 16th, 2016 to put together brightest graduate students from top class institutions to share and discuss their research findings. This year, ISRF 2016 recruited 66 graduate students studying life sciences from UCAS (host, China), University of Nebraska Medical center (USA), University of Aberdeen (UK), Griffith University and University of Tasmania (Australia), and University of Southern Denmark (Denmark). 

It is the first time that Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) participated in the ISRF. Being nominated by SIAT, the PhD student Ahmed Elazab attended the forum as the only international student from all CAS institutes. He started the presentation session with his research topic “brain tissue segmentation and tumor growth modelling from MR images”. 


Brain tumors are one of the most aggressive and destructive diseases that will be life threatening if untreated and early diagnosed. Magnetic resonance imaging became one of the main imaging modalities to understand and diagnose human tissues. Segmentation of both tumors and the surrounding tissues from magnetic resonance images are prerequisite steps to study tumor growth modelling. Supervised by Professor Hu Qingmao, Ahmed has proposed two algorithms for segmentation of brain tissue based on fuzzy C-means (FCM) clustering, both were published in SCI journals. The first was an adaptively regularized kernel-based FCM while the second was robust kernelized local information FCM. In addition, Ahmed has proposed one method for tumor growth modelling in low grade glioma that was presented at IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference and won the only best paper award. Currently, the work is being extended with main focus on tumor regrowth modeling in the presence of treatment. “Your presentation is very interesting” commented by attendees. 


Ahmed played an important role in ISRF 2016 by coordinating the presentation session and participating in different student activities and skill learning. 



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