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“Space Exploration” was Unveiled at Second Primary School

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The initial course of “Space Exploration” International Created Camp, named “X Planet Escape”, was hold at South University of Science and Technology of China, Second Experiment Primary School (Second Primary School), on June 7th. This “Space Exploration” was created by TRIZ Creativity Course Create Team from Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of CAS (SIAT) and Netherlands ROMBO Studio. 11 young makers from Second Primary School utilized the thinking method which they have learned from the course, finished their escape mission. 

“X Planet Escape” mission have set the mishap: the spacecraft is hit by a meteorite when it undertake the transport task to the space, force to land on X planet. Makers need to use the limited resources on the X planet to fix the spacecraft and ensure the transport mission can be finished on time. Makers used the creativity TRIZ tech system analyzed the cause of spacecraft, drew a conclusion that the function of carrying is broken, but the power and control are fine, and they formulated the solution: utilize light clay to redesign the shell with carrier function and connected with the rest parts of the spacecraft, formed an integrated tech system structure. 

In order to spread creativity, improve adolescent scientific popularization, TRIZ creativity Course Create Team oriented by innovative method, practice and realize, design a brand new model: created camp, by means of Capacity Assessment, Interest Stimulation, Process Direction, Achievement Assessment and other activities, strive to improve adolescent scientific popularization at the most extent. 

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