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Cooperation with Tel Aviv University of Israel

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Project Name:

Technology for Fast Acquisition and Modeling of Large-Scale Urban Scenes



Tel Aviv University of Israel


Introduction of the Project:

This international program, funded by Shenzhen Scientific Plan, is in collaboration between SIAT and Tel Aviv University of Israel. The principal investigators are Prof. Baoquan Chen and Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or. Baoquan Chen is director of VCC(Visual Computing Center) and deputy director of IACDE in SIAT, while Daniel Cohen-Or is chair of Computer Science department in Tel Aviv University. They began collaboration since 1999 and have published a paper together (Navigating through sparse views, VRST 1999). They are both experts in computer graphics and have published many papers on prestigious journals and conferences. 

The cooperation is based on research and development towards building a system for fast acquisition and 3D modeling of large-scale urban scenes. The project has two main research tasks: fast data acquisition of large-scale scenes and efficient 3D reconstruction of representative objects in the scenes (buildings, trees and roads, etc.). An advanced auto-mounted mobile laser scanning system named ScanMapper will be used to collect point cloud data in high precision at normal driving speed. Research tasks include fast reconstruction of 3D models of buildings from incomplete point cloud data, fast reconstruction of 3D tree model from sparse point cloud data, research of 3D modeling method based on noise distribution, 3D reconstruction of urban scenes based on fusion of laser scanning data and video data. Production of the program will be presented in patents, papers, and software.


   Fig 1. ScanMapper   Fig 2. Scanning illustration     Fig 3. Point cloud and Road model

Reconstruction of 3D models of large-scale urban scenes can play an important role in many different application areas, such as city planning, intelligent traffic, 3D navigation, virtual reality, emergency management of disaster and terrorism attack, simulation of pollutant diffusion, defense and national security.


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