International Project

Cooperation project with University of Hamburg, Germany

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Project Name :

Intelligent household robots for security and service


Partner :

Institute TAMS, University of Hamburg


Introduction of the Project :

This joint research project mainly consists of two sub-topics. We will focus on the second one, intelligent household robots for security and service.

The first one, "intelligent multimodal systems and applications in education and industry", deals with both theory and applications. Theoretically, breakthrough has been made in multimodal, which makes simultaneous human-machine interaction possible through multiple channels such as using natural language (NL), gesture and gaze information.

The second, intelligent household robots for security and service, is the application of the above-mentioned interaction technology in specific areas like intelligent household robot. This technology is important for a country like China which will face the ageing problem soon. As western countries are already faced with the problem, it is of great importance for both China and developed countries to make joint research efforts in solving it. The first main function is to talk with old people and understand old people through multimodal technique (language, gesture, expression, etc). The second main function is to detect abnormal behavior for surveillance. For example, old people are slipping down and thieves come into the house, etc.

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