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Cooperation project with TRLabs, Canada

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Project Name:

Low-cost Rural eHealth Monitoring System



TRLabs, Albert in Canada


Introduction of the Project:

TRLabs and SIAT submitted the project proposal to own government respectively. After government provides the fund, both sides develop the system jointly. In the co-developing, the focus of TRLabs work is on the wireless transmission of the medical data. In order to accomplish this, the TRLabs phase of the projects has been broken down in to 2 sub-projects. The focus of the SIAT work is the R&D of integrated medical device and smart diagnosis technology. In order to reach the goal, the SIAT phase of the project has been broken down into 3 sub-projects.

The goal of this project is to develop a low cost, integrated health monitoring system in which four diagnostic components are integrated into one device. The diagnostic components are ultrasonic imaging, ECG, simple biochemical analysis, and blood pressure. The unit will automatically gather the related health information and transmit it to a centralized location for further analysis and statistical study. Elements of a computer decision support system will also be implemented in the portable unit.

Through the R&D work on the project, a series of key technologies for health screening will be developed including the following:

a) Minimally/non-invasive biochemical detection technology

b) Low cost digital B ultrasound

c) Wearable medical technology

Based on the current R&D capacity and interest at SIAT and TRLabs, the main research focus of the project will be on:

a) Wearable medical monitors

b) High throughput biochemical analysis

c) Digital ultrasound

d)Health detection technology

e) Wireless transmission of high bandwidth medical data

The development of these technologies will fill a void in the of health screening for rural and remote populations.

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