Enforcing “Rubber String” managerial strategy 

Public technical platform (in charge of equipments and technical support, any equipment more than 100 thousand RMB is to be purchased, managed and shared in an organized way) and engineering centre are set up to coordinate the three institutes (main research units) so as to enhance the efficiency of research output transfer.  

A managerial strategy of rubber string type is applied in such a way: when research activities are over focused on fundamental and theoretical issues and meanwhile running away from demands by industry, the “string” draws them moving towards practical applications by strengthening supports for industrial development; on the other hand, when industrial applications are over emphasized, inputs for research is enhanced. The optimal arrangement and utilization of resources functions as a propeller to simultaneously push the research and industrial development moving forwards.  

Abolishing the “isolating parallel columns” type managerial model of R&D projects, a dynamic matrix model of management is applied. 

The engineering centre and program groups at research institutes are to set up corresponding engineering group to fully utilize the bridging functionality of the former in the value chain of enterprise and to ensure the progress and quality of the research programs, and in turn to strengthen the connection between research and industry.  


A personnel system featured by market-oriention, globalization and specialization 

To ensure that more than half of the research staffs with doctoral degree possess working and/or studying experiences in foreign countries, recruitments are worldwide. The globalization of talents is realized via taking the advantage of HK-SHENZHEN innovation circle, collaborating closely with foreign universities, seeking joint professors and applying the system of AF professorship.   

AF professors are hired from well-known international universities to be chief scientists (one to three month work load per year). Full time scholars at “Hundred Man Plan” level are assigned as AF’s assistants to establish research centers. In such way, research teams shaped into a form of AF professor plus Hundred Man Plan plus young research staffs” are set up.  

Young research staffs are given opportunities to be in charge of research programs. Talents grow up quickly. With emphasis being on the output rate of intelligent properties, the system of promotion and awarding are gradually made more detailed and more open. An efficient annual evaluation system is applied. To enhance the communication between foreign and domestic young researchers, a special fund for international young talents communication has also been established.  

To provide research activities with the best logistic support, a optimal system of personnel management and secretarial teams with special expertise are established.   

Establishing podium for interdisciplinary collaboration, applying IP led strategy, creating new industries 

Reinforce four capabilities: the capability of interdisciplinary, the capability of system integration, the capability of prediction on economy, and the capability of marketing. Persistent innovating, serving enterprises, leading existing industries, incubating new industry.  

Reinforce fund for big thing, optimal arrangement of resources 

The chief scientists join with the domestic famous scholars to determine research orientations. The research staffs working at frontiers and the marketing personnel from the engineering centre choose the particular research programs. Being with the advantages of residing in the special economic zone and co-working with Hong Kong Chinese University, the institute targets at international counterparts. About 50% of the budget is to be spent on startup and co-establishment.   


Our Belief – innovation without limit  

Innovation = novel idea + effective action  

Multidisciplinary interaction + actualization at system level + close cooperation with industry  

Organization Structure 




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