WAN Xiaochun

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Ph.D.  1998.10-2003.12      Immunology  School of Medicine, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada 

M.S.   1993.07-1998.06       Biochemistry,McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

B.S.    1983.09-1987.07      Biology,Shihezi University, Xinjiang, China       


Professional experience: 

05/2009-05/2011    Senior Scientist in the Department of Biomarker and Immunoassay, Frontage Laboratories (CRO); 

05/2008-05/2009   Biologist II in the Department of RNA Therapeutics, Delivery Biology, Merck Research Laboratorie

04/2007-04/2008  Senior Scientist in the Department of Lead discovery,Morphotek (Eisai)

03/2001-06/2003   Research Scientist and study director in the Department of R&D, CelMed  Biosciences, Montreal, Canada; 

Research Appointments: 

? 07/2011- present:  Professor and executive director, antibody drug development center, ShenZhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of  Science,  ShenZhen, China; 

? 11/2003-03/2007:   Research fellow with Dr. Youhai Chen in inflammation and autoimmune disease program,  the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia; 


Research Interests 


 The pathogenesis of malignant tumor、infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases; 


 Research and development of monoclonal antibody drugs;  


 Research and development of novel cellular immune therapys; 


Representative Publications 

(24) Abrar Ahmed#, Xiaochun Wan, Izaskun Mitxitorena, Andrew J. Lindsay, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, Mary W. McCaffrey, Karen Keeshan, Youhai H. Chen, Ruaidhrí J. Carmody*. Regulation of NF-κB by PML and PML-RARα. Scientific Reports,.2017.03.20,7:44539, DOI: 10.1038/srep44539, 

(23)Jiacheng Bi#, Lulu Cui#, Guang Yu, Xiaolu Yang, Youhai Chen, Xiaochun Wan*. NK cells alleviate lung inflammation by negatively regulating group 2 innate lymphoid cells. The Journal of Immunology. 2017.03.18, DOI: https://doi.org/10.4049/jimmunol.1601830, IF= 5.79; 

(22) Lulu Cui#, Jiacheng Bi#, Dehong Yan, Xiufeng Ye, Mingxing Zheng, Guang Yu, Xiaochun Wan*. JSI-124 inhibits IgE production in an IgE B cell line. BBRC(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications). 2017.01.29, 483(1):669-673, IF=2.371; 

(21) Hongling Zhang#, Jiacheng Bi#, Huqiang Yi, Tingting Fan, Qingguo Ruan, Lintao Cai, Youhai H Chen, Xiaochun Wan*. Silencing c-Rel in macrophages dampens Th1 and Th17 immune responses and alleviates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice. Immunology and cell biology. 2017.03.21, doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1601830, IF =4.473; 

(20) Hongling Zhang#, Xuhong Chen#, Dongming Li, Lulu Cui, Xin Li, Xiufeng Ye*, Xiaochun Wan*. DcR3 promotes hepatoma cell migration by downregulating E-cadherin expression. Oncology reports. Published online on: May 30, 2017,https://doi.org/10.3892/or.2017.5685, IF= 2.486; 

(19) Ting Wang#, Weiyun Shi, Tingting Fan, Xiaochun Wan, Youhai H. Chen &Qingguo Ruan*. c-Rel is Required for the Induction of pTregs in the Eye but Not in the Gut Mucosa. Immunological Investigations. 2016, 45(8): 776-786. IF=1.78; 

(18) Shaowen Wang#, Xiaochun Wan, Qingguo Ruan *. The MicroRNA-21 in Autoimmune Diseases. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2016, 17(6), IF=3.257; 

(17) Tingting Fan#, Shaowen Wang, Linjiang Yu, Huqiang Yi, Ruiling Liu, Wenwen Geng, XiaochunWan, Yifan Ma, Lintao Cai, Youhai H. Chen, Qingguo Ruan*. Treating psoriasis by targeting its susceptibility gene Rel,Clinical Immunology,2016, 165: 47-54;IF=4.034; 

(16) Xin Li#, Guizhong Zhang#, Qian Chen, Yingxue Lin, Junxin Li, Qinggguo Ruan, Youhai Chen, Guang Yu, and Xiaochun Wan*. CD317 Promotes the survival of cancer cells through apoptosis-inducing factor. Journal of Experimental& Clinical Cancer Research, 2016, 35:117; IF=4.357 

(15) 崔璐璐#,毕嘉成,李俊鑫,刘绿艳,叶秀峰,郑明星,万晓春*,于广*。人IgE-Fc结构域的基因克隆、原核表达及单克隆抗体的制备。中国医药生物技术,2016,11(3):242-246; 

(14) 刘婕#; 吕卫东; 李俊鑫; 万晓春; 赵琦*.  miRNA在防治非小细胞肺癌中的研究进展. 现代生物医学进展, 15(10):1966-1969, 2015; 

(13) 田永帅#; 陈凤莲;刘婕;邹军辉;万晓春;赵琦*. 神经母细胞瘤免疫治疗研究进展. 现代生物医学进展. 15(10):1973-1976, 2015; 

(12) 王绍文#; 万晓春; 阮庆国*. c-Rel 转录因子对T淋巴细胞免疫调控的研究进展. 中国免疫学杂志. 31(3):420-425, 2015; 

(11)邹军辉#; 万晓春; 王蒲*. EB病毒疫苗的研究进展. 现代生物医学进展. 15(3):543-546, 2015; 

(10)王绍文#; 余林健; 万晓春;阮庆国*. 类风湿性关节炎免疫发病机制的研究进展. 集成技术. 4(4):64-74, 2015; 

(9) Ruan Q*, Wang P, Wang T, Qi J, Wei M, Wang SW, Fan TT, Johnson DS, Wan XC, Shi WY, Sun HH, Chen YH*. MicroRNA-21 Regulates T Cell Apoptosis by Directly Targeting the Tumor Suppressor Gene Tipe2. Cell Death&Disease, 5:e1095, 2014, IF= 6.0; 

(8) 吕卫东,李俊鑫,刘绿艳,李欣,崔璐璐,万晓春*. 人 OX40 胞外区基因的克隆、原核表达及单克隆抗体的制备. 中国医药生物技术(Chinese Medicinal Biotechnology),2014.08, 9(4): 278-282; 

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(1) Chen, H., Xu, D., Luo, H., Loubeau, M., Wan, X., Peng, J., Qi, S., Daloze, P., Fritzsimmons, W. E., Bersky, I., Peets, J., Sehgal, S. N., and Wu, J. Compromised renal graft rejection response in Vervet monkeys after withdrawal of immunosuppressants Prograf and Sirolimus. Transplantation, 69:1555-1561, 2000. IF=3.68; 


Intelligent property 

Wan Xiaochun, Wu Hongfei, Yao Hong. A method of fully human therapeutic antibody generation by mixed cell culture. China Patent Number:  ZL 2011 1 0214513. 9, 2014.09.03; 

 Email Phone:075586585218,15012892018;