SUN Rong

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Educational Qualifications 

2002. 09- 2005.12            Ph.D. in Lanzhou Institute of Chemical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Physical Chemistry 

2000. 09-2002. 07            M. S. in Henan University, Analytical Chemistry 

1985. 09-1989. 06            B.S. in Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Machinery Manufacturing 


Present and Past Positions 

2012.01 - 2016.12       Core member, Innovative R&D Team Introduction Program of Guangdong 

2010.03 - present.        Director, Center for Advanced Materials, SIAT, CAS, 

2009.12 - present         Professor, SIAT, CAS 

2006.09 - 2009.12       Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). 

1989.09 - 2006.09       Associate Professor, Henan University 


Research Interests 

advanced electronic packaging materials; Embedded electronic components; Organic substrate materials, Key Materials for 3D-IC interaction, etc. 

Representative Publications 

1.    Suibin  Luo, Yanbin  Shen, Yanbin Yu, Yanjun Wan, Wei-Hsin Liao, Rong  Sun,  Ching-Ping Wong,  Construction of 3D-BaTiO3 Network Leading to Significantly Enhanced Dielectric Permittivity and Energy Storage Density of Polymer Composites, Energy Environ. Sci., 2017, 10(1):137-144. 

2.    Leicong Zhang;Pengli Zhu;Fengrui Zhou;Wenjin Zeng;Haibo Su; Gang Li;Jihua Gao;Rong Sun and Ching-ping Wong, Flexible Asymmetrical Solid-State Supercapacitors Based on Laboratory Filter Paper, ACS Nano, 2016, 10(1): 1273−1282. 

3.    YiTao Xu; Ying Guo; Chang Li; XuanYu Zhou; Tucker Michael C.; XianZhu Fu; Rong Sun; ChingPing Wong, Graphene oxide nano-sheets wrapped Cu2O microspheres as improved performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries, Nano Energy, 2015, 11:38-47. 

4.    Yimin Yao; Xiaoliang Zeng; Fangfang Wang;  Rong Sun; Jianbin Xu; Chingping Wong, Significant Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity in Bioinspired Freestanding Boron Nitride Papers Filled with Graphene Oxide, Chemistry of Materials , 2016, 28(4), pp 1049–1057. 

5.    Xiaoliang Zeng, Yimin Yao , Zhengyu Gong, Fangfang  Wang, Rong Sun,  Jianbin Xu, Ching-Ping Wong, Ice-Templated Assembly Strategy to Construct 3D Boron Nitride Nanosheet Networks in Polymer Composites for Thermal Conductivity Improvement, Small,2015, 11(46):6205-6213. 

6.    Jinhui Li, Songfang Zhao, Guoping Zhang, Yongju Gao, Libo Deng, Rong Sun, Ching-Ping Wong , A Facile Method to Prepare Highly Compressible Three-Dimensional Graphene-only Sponge, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2015, 3(30):15482-15488. 

7.    Liang Huang, Pengli Zhu, Gang Li, Daoqiang (Daniel) Lu, Rong Sun, Chingping Wong ,Core-shell SiO2@RGO hybrids for epoxy composites with low percolation threshold and enhanced thermo-mechanical properties, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2(43):18246-18255. 


Intelligent property 

1.      孙蓉,李畅,郭慧子,符显珠.    PTC复合材料发热膜及其制备方法和应用 . 发明专利. 申请号:2013103989035.  申请日:2013/9/4. 已授权. 

2.      孙蓉,曾小亮,于淑会.  复合电介质材料、采用其制作的覆铜箔半固化以及覆铜箔层压板. 发明专利. 申请号:201110044550X . 申请日:2011/2/18.已授权. 

3.      孙蓉,梁先文,赵涛,胡友根.    银纳米线的制备方法 . 发明专利. 申请号:2013100558827 . 申请日:2013/2/21.    已授权.  

4.      孙蓉,徐益涛,符显珠,郭慧子. 氧化石墨烯复合材料的制备方法、石墨烯复合材料的制备方法. 发明专利. 申请号:2014100585496 . 申请日:2014/2/20. 已授权.  

5.      孙蓉,李刚,于淑会. 核壳结构铜纳米微粒及其制备方法 . 发明专利. 申请号:2014100962340 . 申请日:2014/3/14. 已授权.  

6.      孙蓉,张昱,朱朋莉,欧阳琼林,李刚,赵涛. 一种可用于导电油墨的银包铜纳米颗粒的制备方法. 发明专利. 申请号:201610154292.3. 申请日:2016/3/17.  

7.      孙蓉,曾小亮,么依民,王芳芳. 一种生物可降解有机基板材料及其制备方法.     发明专利. 申请号:201610071434.X. 申请日:2016/2/1.  

8.      孙蓉,李成良,罗遂斌,于淑会. 一种抗氧化的杂化颗粒及其聚合物基复合材料. 发明专利. 申请号:201610143633.7. 申请日:2016/3/14.  

9.      孙蓉,赵波,符显珠. 高导热柔性石墨烯复合材料及其制备方法和锂离子电池.     发明专利. 申请号:201610200115.4. 申请日:2016/3/31. 

10.  于淑会,罗遂斌,孙蓉.  一种包含填料粒子三维网络的聚合物基复合材料及其制备方法. 发明专利. 申请号:PCT/CN2017/082737. 申请日:2017/05/02。 

11.  帅行天,朱朋莉,胡友根,孙蓉. 电容型压力传感器及其制备方法. 发明专利. 申请号:PCT/CN2017/074260. 申请日:2017/02/21。 

12.  胡友根,赵涛,朱朋莉,张愿,朱玉,梁先文,孙蓉. 压力传感器及其制备方法. 发明专利. 申请号:2017/02/21. 申请日:2017/02/21。 



2014 Senior Member of IEEE 

2008、2014 Local-level talent for High-Level Professional in Shenzhen 

2012 Award for outstanding graduate student instructor 

2011 The special allowance of the State council winner 

2008 Member of Shenzhen Double-hundred Plan  



Phone: 86-0755-86392158 / 86-13714243474 


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