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A. Study and work Experience 

Study Experience 







Xi'an Jiaotong University 

Information and control engineering 




Xi'an Jiaotong University 

Biomedical engineering 




University of Dundee 

Biomedical engineering 



Work Experience 




Starting time 

Ending time 


University of Glasgow 

Research Engineer 




Imperial College London 

Research Associate 





Research Associate 





Research Engineer 



Research Interests: 

Population and health; Medical instruments and materials 

Representative Publications 

SCI-listed Journal publications (bold represents being first or correspondent author):  

[1]       Zhanyong Mei, Kamen Ivanov, Guoru Zhao, Huihui Li, Lei Wang, An Explorative Investigation of Functional Differences in Plantar Center of Pressure of Four Foot Types Using Sample Entropy Method, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 2017. 

[2]       Nannan Zhang, Lei Wang, A Novel Technique for Fetal ECG Extraction Using One Abdominal Recording, Sensors, 2017 

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[4]       He Liu, Kamen Ivanov, Yadong Wang, Lei Wang, A novel method based on two cameras for accurate estimation of arterial oxygen saturation, Biomedical Engineering Online, 2015. 

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 Intelligent Property: 

1)         2011104307509  Circuit and method to Implement the FFT/IFFT transform 

2)         2013104798660  The method and system to extract and trace the cursor point in the missing video 

3)         2012105789965  A multi-mode medical imaging surgical navigation method and system 

4)         2013106835382  Method of removing the rain in video 

5)         2013101501900  Band-gap reference circuit 

6)         2012105636194  Edge extraction method and equipment of ultrasonic image 

7)         2013104246241  The mind image perceives external systems and methods for acquired blind 

8)         2013102824976  Ecg collection platform 

9)         2012105896596  The tachycardia detection method and system based on FPGA 

10)     2013106834182  A frequency adjustable ultrasonic emission driver 

11)     201210553202X  Current-comparator 

12)     2013103197197  A continuous detection device and method of non-invasive blood pressure 

13)     2012101606630  The method and system of removing frequency interference of ECG 

14)     2012100275683  Buck converter 

15)     2013106165465  Electrocardiograph data resampling method, electrocardiogram display method and device  

16)     2011104598468  The rehabilitation training robot's interactive system 

17)     201310188296X  A control device and control method for the movement of the C arm system 

18)     2010105749403  Fetal monitoring devices and methods 

19)     2012104170197  A broadband rfid antenna  

20)     2011101510262  Trap and low pass filter 

21)     2010101989003  The method and system to extract body parts from medical images 

22)     2011104565854  The rehabilitation training robot control system and control method 

23)     2011102024755  Ultrasound surgical navigation system 

24)     2011100712835  Medical electronic chip design and verification platform 

25)     2011104184087  An ankle training robot 

26)     2009101885302  Physiological parameters collection methods, mobile phones and systems 

27)     2009101893830  Portable multi-functional health notebook 

28)     2008102179487  A method and system of human infrared feature imaging 

29)     2008102416393  A human infrared high light is composed of a method and system 

30)     200810241499X  The electronic cochlea that implements various physiological information detection functions 

31)     WO2008110788  Heart rate measurement 

32)     WO2006085087  Sensing device, apparatus and system, and method for operat ing the same 


Research Projects 

1)         Channel Modeling Methods and Network Security Mechanism Research for Wearable Communication, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2016-2019, U1505251 

2)         The development of key technologies and critical equipment systems for community health information collection, National Science and Technology Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, 2013-2015, 2013ZX03005013005 

3)         Methods of extraction of physiological parameters and their application in respiratory feedback, Grant, National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program), 2011-2013, No. 61072031. 

4)         Personal health information intelligence acquisition technology and system development, National Hi-Tech (863) Program, 2012-2015, Grant No. 2012AA02A604. 

5)         The development of mobile operating robot system in real time involved by the brain blood vessel, National Hi-Tech (863) Program, 2015-2017, 2015AA043203 

6)         Intelligent health information service management, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016-2020, 71531004 

7)         The theory and method of human motion information fusion based on microsensor, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010-2013, 60932001 

8)         Low-cost health technology, Guangdong first introduced the overseas talent innovation team, 2010-2015, 2011 

9)         The development and industrialization of wearable dynamic ecg instrument system, Guangdong science and technology major project, 2015-2016, 2014B010111008 

10)     3d rapid imaging system of X-ray image guidance, The Chinese academy of sciences focus, 2013-2015, KGZDEW6013