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Academic qualifications: 

2001-2006: Ph.D, Cambridge University. 

1993-1996: Master, Peking University. 

1989-1993: Bsc, Beijing Institutes of Technology. 


Previous academic positions held(with dates): 

10/2005-10/2006: Research Associate, Cambridge University Engineering Department. 

07/1996-10/2004: Lecture, Peking University. 


Present academic position: 

03/2007—now: Research Professor, ShenZhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Previous relevant research work: 

Her research interests are large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, speech visualization and speech-centric human-machine interaction. She has been as the Principle Investigator of three projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in recent years, including a key project named “speech production modeling and its applications on speech rehabilitation”. 


Publication Records (five most representative publications in recent five years) 

Zhijian Wang, Ping Yu, Nan Yan, Lan Wang, Manwa L. Ng, “Automatic assessment of pathological voice quality using multidimensional acoustic analysis based on the GRBAS scale". Journal of Signal Processing Systems for Signal, 82(2): 241-251, 2016. 

Quansheng, Xia, Lan Wang, Gang Peng, “Nouns and verbs in Chinese are processed differently: Evidence from an ERP study on monosyllabic and disyllabic word processing”, Journal of Neurolinguistics, 40: 66-78, 2016. 

Rongfeng Su, Xunying Liu, Lan Wang, "Automatic complexity control of generalized variable parameter HMMs for noise robust speech recognition." IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 23(1):102-114, 2015.  

Shixiong Chen, Haoshi Zhang, Lan Wang, Guanglin Li, “An in-situ calibration method and the effects on stimulus frequency otoacoustic emissions”, BioMedical Engineering OnLine, 2013(1):1-16. 

Lan Wang, Hui Chen, Sheng Li and Helen M. Meng, “Phoneme-level articulatory animation in pronunciation training”. Speech communication, 54(7):845-856, 2012.


Research Prizes 

2013: Best Student Paper Award at ICIA & ICAL 2013 for the article titled “An interactive speech training system with virtual reality articulation for Mandarin-speaking hearing impaired children”. 

Other representative publications beyond the recent five-year period with the latest publication entered first. 

[1] Ning Cheng, Xunying Liu, Lan Wang, A Flexible Framework for HMM based Noise Robust Speech Recognition Using Generalized Parametric Space Polynomial Regression, Science China-information sciences, 2011, 54(12): 2481-2491 

[2] Hui Chen, Lan Wang, Wenxi Liu, Pheng-Ann Heng, Combined X-Ray and Facial Videos for Phoneme-level Articulator Dynamics, Visual Computer, 2010, 26(6-8): 477-486 

[3] Kai Yu, M. Gales, Lan Wang, P.C. Woodland, Unsupervised training and directed manual transcription for LVCSR, Speech Communication, 2010, 52(7-8): 652-663 

Others (please specify): 

Dr. Lan Wang is a member of IEEE and served as committee member and session chair of ISCSLP 2012 and 2016. She has published more than 80 papers and authorized 9 China invention patent