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SONG Zhan received his Ph. D. degree in Automation and Computer-Aided Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008, and joined SIAT the following year. He is currently the executive director of Research Laboratory for Intelligent Design and Machine Vision. 

Research Interests 

Computer Vision, 3D Reconstruction, Pattern Recognition, Computer Graphics. 


Representative Publications 

Haibo Lin, Lei Nie, Zhan Song*. A Single-Shot Structured Light Means by Encoding both Color and Geometrical Features. Pattern Recognition, Vol. 54, no. 1, pp. 178-189, 2016. 

Zhan Song, Ronald Chung and Xiaoting Zhang. An accurate and robust strip-edge based structured light means for shiny surface micro-measurement in 3D. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (T-IE), Vol. 60(3), pp.1023-1032, 2013. 

Qingsong Zhu, Zhan Song*, Yaoqin Xie, and Lei Wang. A Novel Recursive Bayesian Learning based Method for the Efficient and Accurate Segmentation of Video with Dynamic Background. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 21(9), pp.3865-76, 2012 

Zhan Song and Ronald Chung. Determining Both Surface Position and Orientation in Structured-Light Based Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 32(10), pp. 1770-1780, 2010. 

Zhan Song and Ronald Chung. Use of LCD Panel for Calibrating Structured Light-based Range Sensing System. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. 57(11), pp. 2623-2630, 2008. 


Intelligent property 

SONG Zhan and NIE Ying, wearable apparatus for sight line focus positioning and method for sight line focus positioning, PCT/CN2015/098877. 

SONG Zhan and DONG Yuming, Authentication method and device, PCT/CN2015/100100. 



High-Level Talent in Nanshan District of Shenzhen (Level B), Human Resources Bureau of Nanshan District, 2016 

Overseas High-Caliber Personnel (Level B), Human Resources and Social Security Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, 2013 

Innovation Award (individual) in Industry-University-Research cooperation, China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association, 2012 

First prize of advanced individual (Science and Technology) in Academy-Locality Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences,2011 


Phone: +86-755-86392100