YANG Chunlei

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YANG Chunlei


1993.9-1997.6 Hubei University, Bachelor, Physics

1997.9-2000.6 Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS, Master, Condense Matter Physics

1999.5-2001.3 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Physics, Visiting Scholar,

2001.9-2005.6 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ph.D Condense Matter Physics

2005.7-2006.12 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Post Doc. Condense Matter Physics

2007.1-2009.7 The University of Hong Kong, Visiting Scholar

2008.1-2010.8 SUN YAT-SEN University, Associate Professor

2010.9- Present Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Information photonics and Energy Materials, CAS, Center Director/Research Fellow 


Research Interests


The growth of high performance optoelectronic thin film materials and the fabrication of photovoltaic energy conversion devices, energy storage devices, sensors and imaging device.


Representative Publications


1) “Thin film solar cells”, Xudong Xiao, Chunlei Yang, Science Press, ISBN978-7-03-041830-2(2014)

1) C. L. Yang, H. T. He, Lu Ding, L. J. Cui, Y. P. Zeng, J. N. Wang, and W. K. Ge,"Spectral Dependence of Spin Photocurrent and Current-Induced SpinPolarization in anInGaAs/InAlAs Two-Dimensional Electron Gas", Physical Review Letters 96, 186605 (2006).

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3) J. F. Dai, H. Z. Lu, C. L. Yang, S. Q. Shen, F. C. Zhang, and X. D. Cui, "Magnetoelectric photocurrent generated by direct interband transitions in InGaAs/InAlAs two dimensional electron gas", Physical Review Letters 104,246601 (2010).

4) Jun Tong, Hai-Lin Luo, Zhu-AnXu, HaoZeng, Xu-Dong Xiao, Chun-Lei Yang, "The effect of thermal annealing of Mo film on the CuInSe2 layer texture and device performance", Solar EnergyMaterials and Solar Cells 119, 190 (2013). (通讯作者)

5) Kang Zhang, C. L. Yang, Ling Yin, Zhuang Liu, Qiuming Song, Hailin Luo, Zhiyu Xiong, Miaomiao Xu, Xudong Xiao, "Fabricating highly efficient Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells at low glass-substrate temperature by active gallium grading control", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 120, 253 (2013).(通讯作者)

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7) Ye Feng, Bing Yu, Guanming Cheng, Tszki Lau, Zhaohui Li, Ling Yin, Qiuming Song, C. L. Yang andXudong Xiao, "Searching for a fabrication route of efficientCu2ZnSnS4 solar cells by post-sulfuration ofco-sputtered Sn-enriched precursors", Journal ofMaterials Chemistry C 3, 9650 (2015). (通讯作者)

8) Ye Feng, Lau Tsu-ki, Guanming Cheng, Yin Ling, Zhaohui Li, Hailin Luo, Zhuang Liu, Lu Xinhui, C. L. Yang, Xudong Xiao, "A low-temperature formation path toward highly efficient Se-free Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells fabricated through sputtering and sulfurization", CrystEngComm 18, 1070 (2016). (通讯作者)

9) Jun Tong, Hao Zeng, Qiuming Song, Zhu-An Xu, C. L. Yang, "Metal precursor with bi-layer indium for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film preparation", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 150, 88 (2016).(通讯作者)

10) Guohua Zhong, Kinfai Tse, Yiou Zhang, Xiaoguang Li, Li Huang, C. L. Yang, Junyi Zhu,Zhi Zeng,Zhenyu Zhang, and Xudong Xiao, "Induced effects by the substitution of Zn in Cu2ZnSnX4 (X=S and Se)", Thin Solid Films 603, 224 (2016). (通讯作者)


Intelligent property 

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