CHEN Youhai

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CHEN Youhai








Shandong University, Shandong, China (Medicine) 






University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Immunology) 






Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Immunology) 







Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments: 




Resident/Teaching Assistant, Department of Medicine, Shandong University, Shandong, China 




Medical Research Council (MRC) Fellow, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 




Research Fellow, Center for Neurological Diseases, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard University, Boston, MA 







Faculty Appointments: 




Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine  




Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine  




Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine  




Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine  



Research Interests 


 The pathogenesis of malignant tumor and autoimmune diseases; 


 The regulation of  Immune Response; 


The Mechanism of immune tolerance; 


Representative Publications 




1. Chen, Y.H., J-I. Inobe, V.K. Kuchroo, D.A. Hafler, H.L. Weiner: Regulatory T cell clones induced by oral tolerance: suppression of autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Science 265: 1237-1240, 1994. 


2. Chen, Y.H., J-I. Inobe, R. Marks, P. Gonnella, V. K. Kuchroo, H. L.Weiner: Peripheral deletion of antigen-reactive T cells in oral tolerance. Nature 376: 177-180, 1995. 


3. Chen, Y.H., V.K. Kuchroo, J-I. Inobe, J.L. Baron, C.A. Janeway, H.L. Weiner: Oral tolerance in myelin basic protein T-cell receptor transgenic mice: Suppression of autoimmune encephalomyelitis and dose-dependent induction of regulatory cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 93: 388-391, 1996. 


4. Song, K., Y. Chen, R. Göke, A. Wilmen, C. Seidel, A. Göke, B. Hilliard, Y. H. Chen: Tumor Necrosis Factor-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL) Is an Inhibitor of Autoimmune Inflammation and Cell Cycle Progression. Journal of Experimental Medicine 191: 1095-1103, 2000. IF=14.66; 


5. Hilliard, B., N. Mason,  L. Xu, J. Sun, S-E. Lamhamedi-Cherradi, H-C Liou, C. Hunter, Y. H. Chen: Critical Roles of c-Rel in Autoimmune Inflammation and Helper T Cell Differentiation. Journal of Clinical Investigation  110: 843-850, 2002. IF=14.20; 


6. Lamhamedi-Cherradi, S-E., S. Zheng, K. Maguschak, J. Peschon, Y. H. Chen: Defective Thymocyte Apoptosis and Accelerated Autoimmune Diseases in TRAIL-/- Mice. Nature Immunology  4: 255-260, 2003. IF=26.00; 


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9. Anand, S., P. Wang, K. Yoshimura, I. Choi, A. Hilliard, Y. H. Chen, C. Wang, R. Schulick, A. S. Flies, D. B. Flies, G. Zhu, Y. Xu, D. M. Pardoll, L. Chen and K. Tamada: Essential role of TNF family molecule LIGHT as a cytokine in the pathogenesis of hepatitis. Journal of Clinical Investigation 116: 1045-1051, 2006. IF=14.20; 


10. Carmody, R. J., Q. Ruan, S. Palmer, B. Hilliard, Y. H. Chen: Negative regulation of Toll-like receptor signaling by NF-kB p50 ubiquitination blockade. Science 317(5838): 675-678, 2007. IF=31.20; 


11. Sun, H., S. Gong, R. J. Carmody, A. Hilliard, L. Li, J. Sun,  L. Xu, B. Hilliard, S. Hu, H. Shen, X. Yang, Y. H. Chen: TIPE2, a negative regulator of innate and adaptive immunity that maintains immune homeostasis. Cell 133: 415-426, 2008. IF=32.40; 


11. Ludwinski, M.W, J. Sun, B. Hilliard, S. Gong, F. Xue, R. J. Carmody, J. DeVirgiliis, Y. H. Chen: Critical Roles of Bim in T Cell Activation and T Cell-mediated Autoimmune Inflammation. Journal of Clinical Investigation 119: 1706-1713, 2009. IF=14.20; 


12. Ruan, Q., V. Kameswaran, Y. Tone, L. Li, H-C. Liou, M.I. Greene, M. Tone, Y.H. Chen: Development Of Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells Is Driven By The c-Rel Enhanceosome. Immunity 31: 932-940, 2009. IF=22.15; 


13. Zhang, X., J. Wang, C. Fan, H. Li, H. Sun, S. Gong, Y.H. Chen, Y. Shi: Crystal structure of TIPE2 provides insights into immune homeostasis. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 16: 89-90, 2009. IF=12.71; 


14. Sheedy, F.J., E. Palsson-McDermott, E.J. Hennessy, C. Martin, J. O'Leary, Q. Ruan, D.P Johnson, Y.H. Chen, and L.A.J. O'Neill: Negative regulation of TLR4 via targeting of the proinflammatory tumor suppressor PDCD4 by the microRNA miR-21. Nature Immunology 11: 141-147, 2010. IF=26; 


15. Li Li, Ruan Qingguo, Hilliard Brendan, Devirgiliis Jennifer, Karin Michael, Chen Youhai H: Transcriptional regulation of the Th17 immune response by IKK(alpha). The Journal of Experimental Medicine 208(4): 787-96, Apr 2011. PMCID: PMC3135338,IF=14.66; 


16. Ruan Qingguo, Wang Ting, Kameswaran Vasumathi, Wei Qin, Johnson Derek S, Matschinsky Franz, Shi Weiyun, Chen Youhai H: The microRNA-21-PDCD4 axis prevents type 1 diabetes by blocking pancreatic beta cell death. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108(29): 12030-12035, Jul 2011. PMCID: PMC3141944; IF=9.68; 


17. Ruan Qingguo, Kameswaran Vasumathi, Zhang Yan, Zheng Shijun, Sun Jing, Wang Junmei, Devirgiliis Jennifer, Liou Hsiou-Chi, Beg Amer A, Chen Youhai H: The Th17 immune response is controlled by the Rel-ROR{gamma-ROR{gammaT transcriptional axis. The Journal of Experimental Medicine 208: 2321-33, Oct 2011.IF=14.66; 


18.Gus-Brautbar Yael, Johnson Derek, Zhang Li, Sun Honghong, Wang Peng, Zhang Shirley, Zhang Lining, Chen Youhai H: The Anti-inflammatory TIPE2 Is an Inhibitor of the Oncogenic Ras. Molecular Cell 9(45): 610-8, Feb 2012.IF=14.32 


19. hlenner Susan M, Weigmann Benno, Ruan Qingguo, Chen Youhai, von Boehmer Harald: Smad3 binding to the foxp3 enhancer is dispensable for the development of regulatory T cells with the exception of the gut. The Journal of experimental medicine 209(9): 1529-35, Aug 2012. PMCID: PMC3428940,IF=14.66; 


20.Yan Qin, Carmody Ruaidhri J, Qu Zhonghua, Ruan Qingguo, Jager Jennifer, Mullican Shannon E, Lazar Mitchell A, Chen Youhai H: Nuclear factor-κB binding motifs specify Toll-like receptor-induced gene repression through an inducible repressosome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(35): 14140-5, Aug 2012. PMCID: PMC3435186; IF=9.78; 


21. Wang Zhaojun, Fayngerts Svetlana, Wang Peng, Sun Honghong, Johnson Derek S, Ruan Qingguo, Guo Wei, Chen Youhai H: TIPE2 protein serves as a negative regulator of phagocytosis and oxidative burst during infection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109: 15413-8, Sep 2012.IF=9.78; 


Intelligent property 

Weiner H. L., T. Kupper. Y. H. Chen: Oral tolerance in skin diseases presenting with T-cell mediated inflammation. This patent has been licensed to Autoimmune, Inc. USA Patent Number 08-486, 190, 1994. 



Chen, Y. H., Friedman, A., H. L. Weiner: Use of oral tolerance to suppress both TH1 and TH2 immune responses and to suppress antibody production. This patent has been licensed to Autoimmune, Inc. USA Patent Number 08-465, 592, 1995. 



Wilson, J. M., Y. H. Chen: Methods for tolerizing a patient to administration of gene therapy virus vector. This patent has been licensed to Targeted Genetics, Inc. USA Patent Number 6,211,160, 1997. 



Chen, Y.H.: TRAIL: An inhibitor of autoimmune inflammation and cell cycle progression. Australian Patent No. 766984. USA Patent Number 60/157, 222, 2000. 



Chen, Y. H., H. Sun, S. Gong: Compositions and use of Inflammation-20 gene. USA Patent Number 11/122,256, 2006. 



Chen, Y. H., R. Murali,  J. Sun: REL INHIBITORS AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF. USA Patent Number US8609730B2, 2013. 



Awards, Honors and Membership in Honorary Societies: 




Medical Research Council (MRC) Fellowship Award 




Travel Award, Canadian Society for Immunology 




Medical Research Council (MRC) Scholar Award 




M.A. hon., Arts, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 




Lady Barbara Colyton Prize for Autoimmune Research 




Member, Henry Kunkel Society 


 Email Phone:

075586585217, 18218143869,;