ZHOU Yimin

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10/2004-10/2008  Fault identification for nonlinear dynamic systems 

DPhil           Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK   

09/1999-04/2002  Control Theory and Engineering 

M.Sc           School of Electrical  Engineering & Automation, Tianjin University, China   

09/1993-07/1997  Control Engineering 

B.Sc            School of Electrical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, China 

Research Interests 


Research interests include: Control Theory and Engineering, Neural network and machine learning, Image Processing, Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Control, Smart Grid etc.Representative Publications 


Yujie Zhang, Yongsheng Ou, Xinyu Wu and Yimin Zhou, ‘Resilient dissipative dynamic output feedback control for uncertain Markov jump Lur’e systems with time-varying  delays’, Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems, 24:13-27, 2017.  

Yimin Zhou, ‘The optimal home energy management strategy in smart grid’, Journal of renewable and sustanable energy, 8, 045101-1-14, 2016. 

Yimin Zhou, ‘Sensor Selection in Neuro-fuzzy Modelling and Fault Diagnosis in HVAC System’, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy System, 30:2365-2381, 2016.  

Yimin Zhou, Guolai Jiang, Yaorong Lin, ‘A novel finger and hand pose estimation technique for real-time hand gesture recognition’, Pattern Recognition, 2016, 49: 102-114. 

Yujie Zhang, Yusheng Ou, Yimin Zhou, Weihua Sheng, Xinyu Wu, ‘Observer-based control for discrete-time nonhomogeneous Markov jump Lur׳e systems with sensor saturations’, Neurocomputing, 162: 141-149, 2015. 

Yimin Zhou, Jingjing Liu, Arthur Dexter, ‘Estimation of an incipient fault using an adaptive neurofuzzy sliding-mode observer’, Energy & Buildings, 7: 256-269, July 2014.  

Zhou Yimin, Arthur Dexter, ‘Off-line identification of nonlinear, dynamic systems using a neuro-fuzzy modelling technique’, Fuzzy sets and systems, 225: 74-92, 2013. 

Jingjing Liu, Yimin Zhou*, Grahame E. Faulkner, Dominic C. O’Brien and Steve Collins ‘Optical Receiver Front End for Optically Powered Smart Dust’, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2015, 43(7):840–853. 

Guoqing Xu, Yimin Zhou*, Yanfeng Chen, ‘Model-based Fault Location in Power Traction System with Frequency Domain’, Energies , 6(7):3097-3114, June 25, 2013. 

Intelligent property 

1. Xu Xia, Yimin Zhou, et.al., ‘A new type of wastewater equipment’, Application date: 2010-12-31,Award No201010618271.5 

2. Yimin Zhou, Ronghui Zhou, Zhen Yu, ‘Infrad-based  temperature detection for air-conditioning controller and system ’, Application date: 2009-03-06, Award No: 200920095776.0 

3. Ying Liu, Yongsheng Ou, Ansi Peng, Xinyu Wu, Yangsheng Xu, Yimin Zhou, et.al, ‘Monitoring method for patrolling robot, precaution system’, Application date:2011-11-1,Application No:201110340119.X 

4. Guoqiang Fu, Gaoli Lv, Yimin Zhou, ‘Automated moduled robotic system and connector’, Application date:2012-7-20, Application No: 201210253407.6 

5. Guoqing Xu Yimin Zhou, Yanfeng Chen, ‘Robot-based charging system’,Application date:2012-12-25, Application No: 2012105727121 

6. Guoxing Xu, Kai Gong, Yimin Zhou, et.al., ‘A kind of well lid for emergency water drain age’,Application date:2013-12-13Application No: 201310677396.9 

7. Guoxing Xu, Kai Gong, Yimin Zhou, et.al., ‘A monitoring method and system for vehicle stop with shutting off the engine’,Application date:2013-12-26Application No: 201310731571. 



1. Awarded as Shenzhen Overseas High-Caliber Personnel, Leverl B; 

2.  Merit Scholarship at the 6th 'Chunhui Cup' Chinese Oversea Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; 



Email: ym.zhou@siat.ac.cn