Laboratory for Big Mobile Intelligence


The Global Center for Big Mobile Intelligence (BMI) aims to meet the research and industry needs on big mobile data and Artificial Intelligence for both local and national development by establishing itself to be a world-class research center and an industrial driver for regional economics. The research target of BMI is to build high knowledge throughput reasoning engines for multimodal mobile intelligence, by proposing big mobile data driven AI techniques, by studying mobile, multi-source, heterogeneous information retrieval, understanding, and reasoning, and by focusing on large-scale data management and data-driven analytics by conducting fundamental and cutting-edge research in databases, data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing, in order to create applied technologies and systems on multiple applications including deep analysis of mobile data and security & privacy.  

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Main Research Projects



  • LIU Siyuan

    Areas of Interest:visual mining

  • WANG Shuhui

    Title:associate professor
    Areas of Interest:

  • QU Qiang

    Title:Associate professor
    Areas of Interest:Microsystems

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