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ZHOU Shoujun



SHOUJUN ZHOU: PhD, researcher and master tutor in Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests are medical image processing, image guided therapy, and endovascular surgical robot. In 1993, He obtained his Bachelor's Degree at School of Electrical Engineering, Missile Institute of Air Force, Xian, China. He obtained her master degree from the Dept. of Computer Communication and Information System, Lanzhou University, China, in 2000. Since July 2001, he started working as a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, First Military Medical University, China. Shoujun Zhou obtained his PhD in July 2004, after that he completed postdoctoral research at Beijing Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University respectively. Since PhD, he has presided over a number of national and provincial research projects: one 863 projects, four projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and one project of the Strategic Partnership Program between Guangdong Province & Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now, he is one of the core members of "Image guided therapy technology" innovation team in Guangdong province. As a core member, he has got the second prize of science and technology in 2009 and the first prize of national science and technology progress in 2005 in Guangdong province, China. Dr. Shoujun Zhou has published 40 papers, of which 13 papers were retrieved by SCI. He has published 9 national invention patents. He is an expert assessment of National Fund Committee, Guangdong Province, and Shenzhen city. In addition, he is the "Biomedical Engineering and clinical medicine" contributing editors. 

Study and work Experience 


Study Experience 







Air force Engineering University 

Missile test and lead control 




Lanzhou University 





First Military Medical University 

Medical Image 



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Starting time 

Ending time 


The people's liberation army 94921 troops 





Beijing Institute of Technology 

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Haibo science and technology co., LTD 

Post Doctor 




The 458 hospital of the PLA 

Senior Engineer 









Research Interests 

Medical image processing, image guided therapy, blood vessel intervention robot. 


Representative Publications 

Lu P, Xia J, Li ZC, Xiong J, Yang J, Zhou SJ*, Wang L, Chen MY, Wang C. A vessel segmentation method for multi-modality angiographic images based on multi-scale filtering and statistical models. BioMedical Engineering OnLine, BioMed Eng OnLine (2016) 15:120 DOI 10.1186/s12938-016-0241-7. (SCI Impact Factor 1.382, JCR-3 )  

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Conference paper: 

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Intelligent Property 


Patent number 

The method of estimate the motion of medical sequences based on the generalized fuzzy gradient vector flow 


The method of prediction of breathing motion 

ZL 2008 1 0142585.5 

Vascular modeling method 

ZL 2100 1 0374015.0 

An X-ray image processing method and system 


Method and device of brain magnetic resonance imaging data 


A real-time registration method based on the Kinect camera 


A method of extracting the center line of a tubular object 


A registration method and system for the navigation of a neurosurgical procedure 


A portable massage shoe, massage system and massage method 


Universal blood vessel segmentation method and system 


A method of extraction of blood vessel target ridge based on image gradient vector flow field 


A novel vein tracing method 


A method of reconstruction of vascular cavity structures 


A visual evaluation platform based on medical imaging 


Medical image analysis software based on surface reconstruction technique 



Research Projects: 

Computer assisted diagnosis of coronary heart disease based on hybrid imaging. (National Science Foundation Program of China No. 61179020);  

Research of the key problems for Image-guided radiation therapy of dynamic tumor. (The Strategic Partnership Program between Guangdong Province & Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 2011B090300079)  

Technologies for Image-guided bio-simulation radiotherapy machinery. (Program for development of talent team resources in Guangdong province, No. 2011S013) 

Computer-assisted analysis and clinical application research of cerebral arteriovenous malformations based on MRA. 

Research and development for cerebral vascular real-time interventional therapy with mobile surgical robot system. (The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China) 

 Research of surgical vessel intervention with immersing multi-perception mode 

Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Key Technologies on Intervention Diagnosis and Treatment Integration. 

Phone number: 

13249887110  0755-26967071