Laboratory for Food Safety & Environmental Technology


Laboratory of Food Safety and Environmental Technology studies the microbiology that relates to food, environment and human health by employing techniques in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics. We endeavor to understand the role of gut microbes in mediating human health, and develop healthy-related products, such as plant-oriented foods and marine bioactive compounds derived from fermentation, for improving and maintaining a healthy gut biota in order to prevent human chronic diseases. Also, we are interested in environmental microbiology (e.g. developing microbial biomakers for pollution and toxic algal monitoring, vaccines for disease preventing and prebiotics for aquaculture). Eventually, our goal is to establish a platform for research and development in marine microbiology. 


Main Research Projects


  • YANG Yong

    Areas of Interest:Chemical Biology

  • LIANG Yan

    Areas of Interest:Microbiology

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