Center for Synthetic Biology Engineering


The Center for Synthetic Biology Engineering Research (CSynBER) was established in August 2013. 


Our focus includes the engineering of synthetic components and multicellular systems, with the ultimate goal of deciphering the essence and fundamental laws of life. 

Eight PI groups have joined forces to become a young, multi-disciplinary, and innovative team. Our faculty include some of the world's leading scientists as guest professors, and we maintain close connections with other groups within China and around the world. 


CSynBER is making efforts to transform market and industry-oriented technologies. We are striving to become the center for synthetic biology research and industrial innovation within the Pearl River Delta, and for the entire nation. 

Main Research Projects


  • DAI Junbiao

    Areas of Interest:Synthetic Biology

  • FU Xiongfei

    Areas of Interest:Quantitative analytics

  • HUANG Shuqiang

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Microfluidics

  • LI Nan

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Chemical biology

  • LIU Chenli

    Title:Professor, Director
    Areas of Interest:Biochemistry

  • MA Yingfei

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Bioinformatics

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