Center for Protein and Cell-based Drugs


Antibody Drug Development Center aims to develop monoclonal antibody drugs with completely independent intellectual property rights by using world-class monoclonal antibody technologies to treat and diagnose cancer and inflammatory diseases. Its mission is to foster independent innovation, improve the capability of monoclonal antibody drug development of our nation, and enhance the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry of our nation. 

Main Research Projects

  • Research and development of Car-T new technologies of cell therapy 
  • Research and development of Macromolecular drugs (antibodies and vaccines) 
  • Research of the pathogenesis of major diseases 
  • Early diagnosis and detection technology 
  • Research and development of small molecule drugs 
  • Development of Reagents and formulations 


  • WAN Xiaochun

    Areas of Interest:Infectious diseases

  • CHEN Liang

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Tumor cell proliferation and apoptosis

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