Center for Human - Computer Interaction


The Center for Human-Computer Interaction focuses on advanced and strategic research, including virtual reality, computer-aided medicine, medical visualization, medical imaging, virtual medicine, human-computer interaction, computer graphics and other research fields. The center has obtained total research grant more than 45million Yuan in the last six years. The value of the hardware devices in the center has researched to 1.8 million. The supported projects included sub topics of 973 Program, the key projects of National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC), the important direction project in the knowledge innovation project of Chinese Academy of Science, Youth Science Funds in NSFC project, Shenzhen key laboratory and so on.

Main Research Projects

1.The key technology research of the brain’s working mechanism based on the visual cognition and the senior brain computer interface

The project focuses on the research and implementation for motor imagery brain-computer interface (BCI). To improve the recognition accuracy of EEG signals, we implemented three-dimensional training system with object-directed visual guidance that could generate more identifiable classification feature for EEG signals. The results show that the performance of BCI system have been improved.


2. Fundamental theories and key methodologies of high fidelity interactive virtual surgery

We propose to perform intensive research on fundamental theories and key methodologies of high fidelity interactive virtual surgery, including biomechanically-based large-scale soft tissue deformation, real-time haptic feedback based on characteristics of human tissues and organs, simulation of interaction between tissues and devices in surgery, realistic rendering of surgical scenes, theory and methodology of evaluation and validation, and construction of an integrated platform or development of virtual surgery systems. We propose to implement a simulation system for percutaneous cerebrovascular intervention training to validate our achievements and findings.


  • Pheng Ann HENG

    Title:Chief Scientists
    Areas of Interest:Visualization and Imaging Research

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