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Paper from VCC Accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2010

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 Following two papersaccepted by SIGGRAPH 2010 in April, another paper from the Visual Computing Research Center (VCC) of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), titled “Automatic Reconstruction of Tree Skeletal Structures from Point Clouds” (Yotam Linvy et al), was accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2010.

The first author Dr. Yotam Livny is a PostDoc in VCC fromIsrael, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Young Foreign Scientist program. “This paper proposed a successful approach to automatic 3D reconstruction of plants, through a global optimization process, based on point cloudsobtained fromthe state-of-the-art mobile laser scanning system”, said professor Baoquan Chen, one of the authors and director of VCC.

Figure: Five street-side trees automatically reconstructed by the method presented in this paper.

Trees and buildings are ubiquitous in urban environments and play a major role in the realism of the reconstructed urban scene. Trees, due to their geometry complexity, pose significant challenges in their reconstruction and the topic has attracted researchers worldwide. Companies like Google and Microsoft, amid their digital earth platforms, have been paying great attention to such development. VCC has been leading the research in efficient and accurate acquisition and reconstruction of large scale urban scenes based on laser scanning technology. In addition to tree reconstruction, VCC has developed techniques for reconstructing buildings; two other works in that domain were published in SIGGRAPH 2010 in LA in July this year. Professor Chen has been invited by companies such as Google, IBM, NAVTEQ, Autodesk and General Motors etc. to visit and introduce the group’s technical advancements.

SIGGRAPH Asia, the sister conference of SIGGRAPH, has established itself as a top venue in the by-and-large Computer Graphics community, with submissions from both world renowned universities and research units of international companies such as Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, AMD, Adobe etc. This year, only 49 papers were accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia, the lowest acceptance number for the last several years.


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