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ScanMappper developed by the team of VCC

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In may of 2009, a mobile scanning system LNYX from Optech, Canada has been installed on VCC's car named ScanMapper. It represents the next generation of lidar technology. The ScanMapper system boasts a revolutionary new lidar sensor head that leverages the latest in lidar innovation – iFLEX - to collect survey-grade lidar data at over 100,000 measurements per second with a 360º FOV, while maintaining a Class 1 eye safety rating.


VCC's ScanMapper System

After the setup and training of ScanMapper system, the VCC team has done some mobile scanning of Shenzhen's highways, tunnels and buildings, and reconstructed several exciting 3D models from the scanned high precision point clouds. The team is doing research on 3D modeling of large scale urban scene and Survey projects based on this advanced mobile mapping system.

VCC Team and ScanMapper

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