Key Laboratoties
Subcortical Superior Colliculus-Thalamus-Amygdala Pathway Mediates Innate Fear

The team optogenetically dissected a subcortical pathway from the glutamatergic projecting neurons in the ILSCm to the lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus (LP), which can be activated to innately initiate stereotyped long-lasting freezing behaviors.

A Novel Hypothesis on the Biological Origins of Music and Dance

Team advocated a comprehensive hypothesis on the origins of music, dance and speech from a biological and sociological perspective.The author suggests the primary selection pressure for human musicality is the adaptation of organisms to ubiquitously and variously internal and external rhythmic mo...

Water as a Colorful Ink: Transparent, Rewritable Photonic Coatings Based on Colloidal Crystals Embedded in Chitosan Hydrogel

A research group led by Dr.DU Xuemin at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,developed a new rewritable paper with water as a colorful ink by using water as the trigger to tune the band-gap of photonic crystal coatings on solid substrates,is an attractive alternative supporting a perfect b...

A Large-Scale Strategy to Synthesize the Palladium Concave Nanocubes with High-Index Facets for Sustainable Enhanced Catalytic Property

A research group led by Prof. CAI Lintao at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a scalable strategy to synthesize palladium concave nanocubes (PdCNs)with high-index facets via tuning reduction kinetics. Moreover, they scaled up fabrication of PdCNs by...

Smart Indocyanine Green Nanoprobe for Imaging-Guided Cancer Synergistic Phototherapy

Research team developed an a programmed assembly strategy using the human serum albumin (HSA)-indocyanine green (ICG) nanoprobes for imaging-guided cancer synergistic phototherapy. They found that the prepared HAS-ICG nanoprobes had a high tumor accumulation ratio and a long-term retention time i...

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