Research Progress
Centimeter-Level Indoor Positioning System Developed at SIAT

The researchers of the Center for Real Time Monitoring and Communications at SIAT have invented a novel indoor positioning system, using light signal in a new way.

Ultrasmall Black Phosphorus Quantum Dots: Synthesis and Use as Photothermal Agents

A research group led by Prof. Yu Xuefeng at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. H. Zhang at Shenzhen University and P. K. Chu at City University of Hong kong explored the black phosphorus quantum dots (BPQDs) as an ultrasmall photothermal agent.

Site-Selective Trimetallic Heterogeneous Nanostructures for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Performance

The team explore a facile strategy to synthesize well-designed trimetallic heterogeneous nanocrystals with Ag/Pt dendritic alloy orientated growth onto the vertices of Au@Au/Ag nano-octahedrons so as to form distinctive trimetallic heterogeneous nanoparticles.

Subcortical Superior Colliculus-Thalamus-Amygdala Pathway Mediates Innate Fear

The team optogenetically dissected a subcortical pathway from the glutamatergic projecting neurons in the ILSCm to the lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus (LP), which can be activated to innately initiate stereotyped long-lasting freezing behaviors.

A Novel Hypothesis on the Biological Origins of Music and Dance

Team advocated a comprehensive hypothesis on the origins of music, dance and speech from a biological and sociological perspective.The author suggests the primary selection pressure for human musicality is the adaptation of organisms to ubiquitously and variously internal and external rhythmic mo...

Water as a Colorful Ink: Transparent, Rewritable Photonic Coatings Based on Colloidal Crystals Embedded in Chitosan Hydrogel

A research group led by Dr.DU Xuemin at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,developed a new rewritable paper with water as a colorful ink by using water as the trigger to tune the band-gap of photonic crystal coatings on solid substrates,is an attractive alternative supporting a perfect b...

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