Research Progress
Pulvinar-Cortex Interactions in Vision and Attention

pulvinar deactivation led to a reduction of attentional effects on firing rates and gamma synchrony in V4, a reduction of sensory-evoked responses and overall gamma coherence within V4, and severe behavioral deficits in the affected portion of the visual field. Conversely, pulvinar deactivation c...

Nanoplex is Utilized in Improving PTT Efficacious

The research group study the GNRs-siRNA nanoplex is utilized in a therapeutic platform to introduce gene silencing technology to improve the PTT efficacy.

Find New Effective Methods for Large-scale Production of Few-layered Black Phosphorus

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen University established a basic N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) liquid exfoliation method to produce phosphorene with excellent water stability, controllable size and layer number, as well as high yield. It’s a basi...

Small Gold Nanorods Laden Macrophages for Enhanced Tumor Coverage in Photothermal Therapy

Recently, the research group led by Prof. Xuefeng Yu at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in collaboration with Prof. Paul K Chu at City University of Hong Kong has made an important progress in cell-mediated delivery of nanomaterials improves photothermal th...

NIR-driven Smart Theranostic Nanomedicine for On-demand Drug Release and Synergistic Antitumour Therapy

a new thought for highly-effective and multidisciplinary-integrated cancer therapy.

Metal ion-responsive photonic colloidal crystalline micro-beads with electrochemically tunable photonic diffraction colours

The team developed a color tunable electrochemical photonic device by using redox of metal ions as the trigger to tune the band-gap of photonic crystal beads.

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