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New Man-made cccDNA Gives Support to Develop Antiviral Drugs in HBV Treatment

Recently, Professor Chen Zhi-Ying and his colleagues, a research team in the Chinese Academy of Science Shenzhen Advanced Technology (SIAT), have developed a technique to make milligrams of hepatitis B virus (HBV) cccDNA, a circular viral DNA formed during its life cycle. This technique is expect...

Use Surface Coordination in Prepare Black Phosphorus for Robust Air and Water Stability

BP is a natural semiconductor with adjustable bandgap and predominant electrical properties, and is considered to be able to replace silicon.The team has made great progress recently in preparing BP with high stability over water and oxygen, through a new strategy of surface coordination.

Chinese Researchers Develop New Battery Technology

The new aluminum-graphite dual-ion battery (AGDIB) offers significantly reduced weight, volume, and fabrication cost, as well as higher energy density, in comparison with conventional LIBs. AGDIB’s electrode materials are composed of environmentally friendly low cost aluminum and graphite only, ...

Every Woman Need to Pay Attention to This Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Research Progress

The research group used CMKLR1 knockout (hereinafter referred to as KO) mice to investigate the role of the receptor in the DHT induction model of PCOS that mimics the reproductive and metabolic characteristics, which are associated with the human disease.

Anti-Coffee-Ring Effect Method Give Potential in Macroscopic 3D Plasmonic Superlattice Array

The research group'study demonstrated that the typical coffee-ring effect has been successfully mitigated and even totally reversed with the alteration of the surfactant and surface chemistry of gold nanorods and substrates in macroscopic 3D plasmonic superlattice array.

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