Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology held 2018 Urban Transportation and Unmanned Driving Seminar

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2018 Urban Transportation and Unmanned Driving Seminar organized by Automotive Electronics Research Center of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology on March 1, 2018. The seminar was presided by associate professor ZHENG Chunhua.


The South Korea delegation including Academician Sang Kyun Cha, Professor Suk Won Cha, Professor Heo Seong Wook, Professor Hong Seong Soo, Professor Ieom Hyeon Sang, Professor Jae Jin Lee and other followers from Seoul National University, attended this seminar and visited Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, research achievement exhibition hall and Center for Automotive Electronics.


On seminar, ZHENG Chunhua introduced to all the guests the overall situation ofShenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology and presented scientific research findings over intelligent transportation, intelligent driving, electric vehicles, new energy technologies and other fields, received high praises from the delegation.

Following Dr. WANG Zheng delivered an academic report titled Perception, Decision-making and Computing Kernel Acceleration for Autonomous Vehicle, demonstrated the Center’s latest progress and achievements in the field of unmanned driving. In addition, Dr. PENG Lei displayed a parking system which is able to recommend parking lots to users based on users’ real-time locations, remaining parking spaces in parking lots, users’ driving directions and other factors.


Academician Sang Kyun Cha briefly introduced Seoul National University Institute of Big Data and his project of smart city in Seoul. Other professors actively shared their research experience and findings with Chinese side. Professor Suk Won Cha presented the research findings in intelligent transportation based on big data; Professor Jae Jin Lee introduced a big data computation platform under construction; Professor KyoGu Lee and Professor Jong Hwa Park shared their research on the response of human body to different music. In the Q & A interactive section, both sides exchange their views and answered the audiences’ questions with valuable advice and guidance.